Friday, February 10, 2017

Lets go to the movies!

or at least get some.........................................

POPCORN!  Meet Popcorn!  I just had to grab him this morning.  He was way too easy.  And if it weren't for me swinging back to my stops on Parsells, after having already done them, on my way home, it wouldn't have happened. He was not there the first time I stopped.  I have been feeding this sweet thing for a long long time.  But this morning, I noticed, his nose was way too red than would normally be for a cat, and I looked at his dirty coat, and feet, and said, 'today is your lucky day'.

I named him Popcorn after thinking about Jelly Belly beans.  They are the small gourmet jelly beans, and my favorite is the popcorn flavor, and he kind of reminds me of a Jelly Belly bean!  :)  He will go to the clinic on Saturday to be tested, and the precautionary deworming med, and he will be good to go!  Looking for a foster, or a permanent home for him.  What a sweet personality too.  He's been on my lap and loving the scratchies I gave his head and neck.

It was brutal when I left the house at 4 am.  Lots of snow fell, and was still coming down pretty heavy, up until about 5:30, when it began to let up.  Yep, I didn't get home til 6.  I had to shovel at most of my locations, due to the four or so inches that fell overnight.   They call this the lake effect snow from our beautiful Lake Ontario.  Certainly nothing compared to the storm the east coast experienced yesterday. 

After stopping at the prior Parsells location, the one after this rescue, there was a man brushing off his car.  I approached him greeting him kindly, and asked him if he noticed me doing what I do across the street from where he lives, he nodded, and I asked him if he would consider me putting a few shelters at his house somewhere, and he said no, and that he had to go to work.  I wished him a good day, walking back to my car very disappointed.  The mindset of the people around here.  I don't know what I will do with these 15 cats that I feed here on a daily basis, that are losing their home.  This will be the 5th time they've had their shelters removed from various spots. 

Short Street Blackie

I managed to get a pic of the black cat with the tattered, tight red collar on Short.  If anyone knows who this baby belonged to...  The cat Sam, who by the way needs serious rescuing, is very domineering over this new black cat and won't let him into the shelter to eat.  It was sad to see this this morning.  Must get Sam rescued.  Maybe next.  I need a foster!

That's it in a nutshell.  My needs are simple.  Cat food, and AA/AAA batteries.  Donations to the clinic.  A board and a heavy rock here and there.  Someone do to my laundry.  ha.  So many dirty towels that I replace each morning after a rain or snow storm.  And of course, a professional landscaping service to carve out some dirt so that I can plant a seed garden this spring!

Speaking of spring, its just around the corner!  And so is the weekend.  Enjoy!

Have a great day!

"Life is as dear to a mute creature as it is to man. Just as one wants happiness and fears pain, just as one wants to live and not die, so do other creatures."


  1. Popcorn is so cute !
    Thanks for rescuing him !
    And thanks for adding the link to the adoptions page !
    That will make it easy for anyone looking there to just pop off an email to you so you can get those kitties adopted !

  2. Does Blackie let you touch him? it would be good to get that collar off of him. poor baby

  3. I just went through the kitties for adoption on your Petfinder page and was wondering why Baylee and Cookie don't have a cute write up like the others? Also, I thought you were keeping Spencer?
    How's Baylee doing? Has he started that Lung Gold stuff, or whatever it's called?