Wednesday, March 1, 2017


After I got into the Jeep this morning, thunder booming from the heavens, rain beginning to drop, I realized I didn't have a very good headlamp.  I then realized that the few I have left don't work very well any more.  Despite the fact that a kind person bought me rechargeable batteries.  I can't tell you how many headlamps I've gone through, given through the kindness of others, and those I bought myself.  I spent over $80 years ago for one that I had to order, and it was EXCELLENT.  Until it broke less than two years later.  So today I go, off to Home Depot, to buy another.  It is my only protection in some spots where I am walking to the feeding station behind an abandoned house, or the back of an empty lot, in the complete darkness of the night.  This morning behind Paul's house on Second, I had to just place my trust in God that no one was sneaking up behind me.  I need to be better prepared in the morning.  This is ridiculous.

I am also now spending $150 a week on cat food.  Still.  After all these years of doing this.  Can you imagine?  That's... $600 a month on food for the homeless cats I feed.  That's Crazy.  And my paycheck is getting smaller.  Work cut out my overtime, which was maybe four hours a week but it really made a difference.  And I got whacked this year with having to pay a large tax amount due to taking money from my IRA to redo my kitchen.  I've been living in this house for 25 years now, and have never done much to it, and I figured I deserved it because of the amount of time I spend in the kitchen.  I LOVE to cook.  I could just set a little cot in my kitchen and sleep there I love it so much.  The point is, if anyone is good at writing grants, and knows of any out there that may be able to help me, and can work on some for me, I would love that.  I just have no time between my full time job, and coming home to bed so I can get up at the ungodly hour of 2 am. to go out and feed the gazillion cats out there.  I am mentally and physically exhausted.

I got to my second to last stop this morning and my shelters were GONE.  This is where I just rescued Melody.  This is where many a kitties have taken shelter in the storms.  GONE.  There was an AL's Maintenance dumpster there, and I did climb up to see if I could see my shelters but could not with all the stuff in there.  I plan on calling first thing and asking to speak to a manager.  I left a note to the $%#%^#  workers that I wanted my shelters back with my phone number.  This makes me sick.  Now where am I going to feed these two precious babies that I've been feeding for years now.  Remember, this is across the street from where I had the shelters behind the old man's house, and when he died, his family trashed my stuff.  So I moved across the street.  There is nowhere to make a new shelter for them.  Ive called Al’s Maintenance and they told me the dumpster is only rented, and I would have to speak to the people at the site to get my shelters.  Great.  I have no idea when these people will be there.  I suppose I will have to leave work this morning to check.  Anyone have a few hours on their hands today to check for me?

I am sure y'all would rather be reading one of Joel's stories at this point, but this is my reality today.

Baby kitten Poptart is doing great. I love her already.  She is fun, she is sweet, she is cuddly.  Popcorn is also very lovey.  He has someone coming to meet him this evening after work.  Fingers crossed!  Melody is with her foster momma, and I am awaiting on a report and picture from her.  We've got to find homes for all these angels!  Then I can rescue more!  The less kitties on the streets, the less food I have to buy! 

Tomorrow is TNR day for me.  Wish me luck! 

Have a nice day.

“No matter how educated, 
talented, rich or cool 
you believe you are, 
how you treat people 
ultimately tells all.  


  1. Hey !
    Lemme know if you can't find a decent one at Home Depot.
    Those good ones at Costco are still there. I can stop and get them for you. They are very good quality.

  2. Do you have contact info or a business card attached to your shelters?

  3. Uggh, I can't believe more shelters got trashed. Ok, yes I can believe it, which is just as sad. Hope you can get them back!