Thursday, February 16, 2017


Yes, its snowing again.  And the wind is whipping its whip.  There is ice on the ground, and with my knees, I have to be very careful.  I cannot afford to miss one single day of going out to feed these cats (unless someone volunteered to do my entire route for me!  -- ok.  Wishful thinking... ).  It sounds silly, but there is a strategy to walking on icy walkways. Walk slowly, bend your knees a little more, take smaller steps, put your center of gravity over your front foot. This technique is called the “Penguin walk".  Sort of a waddle.  So far, this winter, I have not fallen on my face, yet. 

The black cat I rescued yesterday, whom I've named Stash, has turned out to be the SWEETEST boy.  There is just something about black short haired cats.  They LOVE their humans!  Its his second morning in captivity, and he now jumps up on my lap when I sit on the side of the tub and pat my lap.  He stretches his legs up to my shoulder, he hunches down on my lap and purrs purrs purrs...  He is SUCH a nice boy.  The indentation on his neck is still there, and I try scratching and rubbing it and it feels so good to him.  Eventually his hair will fluff out again, but in the meantime, he is dirty from head to toe.  His coat will gleam again soon.  Today he goes to the doctor for snip snip, and he will be good to go.

Yesterday, Popcorn was brought to a wonderful girl who is with the rescue group GRASP.  They also recently took in Goober from me, and prior to that last year, Seven.  Occasionally, they ask if they can help me with a cat or two, and I am SO forever grateful to them.  They have the capacity to show these cats better than I could.  They are a much larger organization and have a huge network.  So I pray things go well for Popcorn, as has for the other two.

Here are some pics I took this morning:  The grey cat came out of nowhere - beautiful boy.  Hungry.  Be sure to click on them to see them up close.

2nd and Central

These kitties, in the four pictures above, have a nice protected spot.
You wouldn't know there is snow and wind outside this little tent.

These guys are fairly protected here also.  Just very cold inside.

It is not easy to keep the energy and optimism up like in the bright and warm summer days.   But I just keep in mind that those days are just around the corner.

I did not get selected for jury duty, of which at first I was appalled - 'why wouldn't they pick me??? what's wrong with me???  what did I say that they didn't like when I was questioned???'  But once I got home and settled, and poured myself a glass of wine, and realized that I didn't have to judge another person, and send them to prison because of my vote, I was thankful.  And I probably would have been the only person in the deliberation room that would have tears in my eyes, not wanting to send someone to prison for attempted murder.  The other jurors would think I was a flake.  So I am thankful. 👿

Have a great day.

“When you arise in the morning,
think of what a precious privilege
it is to be alive – to breathe,
to think, to enjoy, to love.”

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  1. I just completed a juror questionaire, and am holding my breath waiting to be called to jury duty. I will be EXTREMELY grateful if I am not asked to serve, so I say congratulations on being excused! (Forgive me for not signing my name, LOL)