Friday, February 3, 2017

Feed a Cat for Christmas!!! MELISSA Z!

Thank you MELISSA Z.!  You have been so good.  Melissa even came over with her sawhorses and circular saw to help me cut some large boards I needed help with.  I am coining her Melissa Mighty! She can do anything, and she is a business owner to boot.  Her daughter adopted two kittens from me also, so Melissa is a grandmother to those two.  :)  Thank you Melissa, for helping me to Feed a Cat - many cats - for Christmas!

And speaking of................Melissa is my last Feed a Cat For Christmas angel!  Thank you to ALL of you that donated.  It made a world of difference for my change purse.  Seriously.  It honestly does cost me $40 per day to go out and do what I do - feed close to 100 cats every morning.  Not to mention getting them spayed and neutered.  Its a very costly 'habit.'  And I couldn't do it without people like all of you.  Seriously.

And Jess, thank you for your constant comments.  Sometimes I think you are the only one reading this.  If so, hows it going?  Hows Mom, Gram, sisters?  Kitties?  Whats new?  ha ha ha...

I rescued another kitty this morning!

Meet Goober!  He is a young, unaltered male, under a year old, and very sweet.  He has been out there homeless since end of summer, when he was first seen on Pennsylvania and Fourth. 

Goober Yesterday

Goober Today!
This was a really great save for me this morning.  I was at my second to last stop (out of a total of 16 locations), where there is a grey tabby with an injured paw that I would love to rescue (but its one cat at a time for me), and I placed the food down for the three hungry babies (this is also the location where I rescued Callie Wednesday morning).  I drove off to my last spot, and I saw this little black and white kitten coming down the sidewalk toward the spot I just left.  It was Goober.  It was 18 degrees, it was 5 am.  I stopped, got out with wet food and dish, placed both on the ground, he walked over to me and up he went, into the carrier.  He weighs nothing, skin and bone.  I brought him home, let him out, he ate like he hadn't eaten since yesterday, which I believe, he hasn't!

Goober was first spotted in late fall.  He actually tried to get into the car, but he wasn't always around. But this past week he has been there every morning trying to get the food that the other cats won't let him have.  Today was his lucky day.

Great way to end the week.

Have a great day!


  1. I am SO happy you were able to get Goober! Wow - 2 rescues in 3 days!! I do hope you can find a foster for Goober so that the kitty with the hurt paw can be scooped up very very soon. Goober is a lucky boy. :)

  2. I read your blog every day - just don't comment.

  3. Nothing new or exciting at my house. Grandma's doing well, sisters are well. Today Charley ate some raw egg while mom's back was turned that she was going to make scrambled eggs with. For a big cat he's very quiet and sneaky. hehehe.