Thursday, February 2, 2017

Feed a Cat for Christmas!!! WALT & KARON!!!

Thank you WALT and KARON S. for helping me to Feed a Cat - CATS! - for Christmas!  There are so many of them out there, its not just one!

Their gift is in memory of their friend and neighbor's kitty Romeo, who recently passed.  I am so sorry to hear this about Romeo.  Its SO hard to lose what we love.  So hard.

Thank you both for your help throughout years…  You have gone above and beyond for me in situations where I needed a few extra hands.  Thank you!  Good and kind peeps you are!

Happy Groundhog's Day!  In case you want to know more about Groundhogs, here is a great link to read!

This morning is Callie’s surgery spay day.  I was able to get her in that quick.  So glad.  She can get that part over with and begin living a good life off the streets.  She may have been someone’s kitty at some point, but she was living under the steps of a boarded up house for many months.  She came out every day to eat when I arrived, but never trusted me enough until yesterday.  Maybe she remembers that I freed her from the locked boarded up house?  Do cats remember stuff like that?  J

We had at least three inches of snow overnight and during my rounds this morning.  Not worth shoveling, I just kicked aside the snow at each of my locations so that I could lay down the wet and dry food and water without it freezing faster in the snow.  Kitties came in and out of shelters, which was good to see.  The shelters on Parsells are still there, thank God, next door to the house where they were on the porch.  The owner/landlord must not know about them yet.  I pray he never finds out (sure…) because there is NO WHERE for these 10-15 cats to go.  There is no lot or abandoned house I can move these shelters, and cats to.  Believe me, I’ve been doing this for years.

Here are scenes from this morning.  (Be sure to click on pics to see up close!)

Look close, kitty rolling around in the snow

I saw this pathetic little kitty that I’ve wanted to rescue but does not come every day, but my bathroom was full because of Callie, and that’s all I can handle right now.  One at a time in my house.  That is why fostering and adopting is so critical.  I can rescue this one next, but I need to free up my bathroom.  A friend has offered to keep Callie until adoption.  So tomorrow, if the little guy is there, I will grab him.  But then I must get him in to clinic.  He needs neutering!  I am going to name him Goober.  Hey, I like that name!  Goober is just under a year.  And he is feeling thin.  And the older cats at this location won’t let him eat.  I try to scare them off to the shelters that are in the back, but they insist on hanging by the road waiting for me to give them food.  So therefore, Goober can’t eat.  I have to stand there with him so that he can get something into his stomach.

Such is life I guess.

This is my Rufus.  I rescued many many years ago when he was a kitten running around on Hayward Avenue.  I call him Crazy Eyes.  He looks demented when he looks at you.  :)

Have a great day. 

"Life is either a daring adventure
or nothing at all."

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  1. I remember when you rescued Rufus as young cat. He was a doofus then, too! Ha.

    Hope you're able to find Callie a foster home so you can grab Goober.