Tuesday, February 7, 2017


So there is a cat at one of my first two locations that I see that looks pretty big.  It did not look that big when I first spotted it last spring, standing against a building all by its lonesome.  I would pass by it in the mornings on my way from my first spot, and heading to my second spot, and would spot it sitting there, or in a grate that is in the ground next to the building.  So I began the inevitable.  I started placing food down behind the grocery store's dumpster.  Next thing you know, I have a shelter built.  :)  Yep, and that is how it all began.  All of this.  16 locations!  uggh.

Anyway, it started to look very big, so I got a clinic spot this morning and I set the trap.  I took a second trap with me to get another cat that I suspect is female on Second and Central, just in case I couldn't get this one.  I set it, went on my way, did my spot on the first half, went back to check it before crossing over Goodman to do the remaining locations, and still, nothing.

So I went and set the second trap, and did all my spots there, and voila!  I have one of the older kittens from last year.  Spooky.  Spooky is semi-feral, and I think a boy.  I finished up my rounds, and went back to check on the first trap, still nothing.  And there sat the cat, 10 feet away from me.  I had a short conversation with this cat, asking if it was pregnant or not.  Still, it needs fixing, so I will begin trapping very soon.  I think its like...  60 days til spring?  Something like that?  Just around the corner!  And so many cats unneutered out there!  I can always use help!

So, Spooky will go in to the clinic where he will be neutered, and no baby making for him!  Hooray!  The other, I will keep trying.  :(

Have a great day!

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  1. Good job getting Spooky! I hope the wind doesn't wreck any of your shelters. It sure is blowing out there. At least it's fairly warm though, right?