Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Old Man Winter...

is slogging away, slowly, but soon Miss Spring will make her appearance, and life will be easier.  The weather out is horrible, it was misty and rainy out at 4 am., my boots were squishing in the mud in many places, so gross really.  Its so dirty at a few of my locations, I don't know how the cats can stand it.  But stand it they do.  I had many wet filthy towels to replace with warm, clean and dry towels for their little feet to stand on while they ate their only meal of the day.

I had to let Spooky back out this morning, and of course as you know, I hated doing it.  He would be a real handful to someone if they wanted to rescue him - he was born outdoors and knows nothing about humans or houses.  He was quiet overnight on the porch, in the trap, covered with blankets to keep the chill out.  He ate a little bit, and cried this morning as I was doing the first half of my route, knowing he was going to be released soon.  And yes, Spooky is a boy, according to the paperwork I received after his neuter.  He has many siblings, a few of which I've spayed/neuter, but there are more on that corner that must be done.  Would love some help.

I had an idea this morning as I walked back to the lot on Short to feed Baby Buttons, Mr. Whiskers, Miss Calico, Millie, and a new black, very hungry cat with a tattered, tight red collar.  My idea is that I would love to have a landscape company volunteer to help prepare space on this lot, and plant a seed garden.  Wild flowers, anything you can plant with seeds.  Of course I will have to ask for a permit for this lot, but wouldn't that be lovely.  Its actually a double lot and goes far back.  This is where the city destroyed my shelters due to 'the rats'.  Its actually a home for the animals that have no home, and its a very bleak looking lot. Wouldn't it be nice to spruce it up and make it look pretty. And I am sure the few people that live across from this might like it too!  So that is my mission.  To find some professional help - someone with a large rototiller, or whatever, to prepare the ground for planting!  Any suggestions would be really appreciated!

Have a great day!

Let’s Take a Moment to Be Thankful

For every accident that never happened,
For every grave illness that was not caught,
For every tornado that never formed,
And every mean word withheld when we fought.

We can only see what’s right in front of us,
And can be thankful for all we’ve got,

But to really, truly embrace gratitude,
We have to also remember
To be thankful

For every “never,” “didn’t,” and “not.”


  1. Can yu get a picture of the black cat with red collar to post on lost and found sites? Obviously it was a pet and miht just have a owner who would want it back- like Luna did!
    Carole R.

  2. Beautiful photos. I think a lot filled with wildflowers would be gorgeous. I tried once to get mom to sow the whole yard with them but she wouldn't go for it. Hey, there'd be a lot less mowing, right?

  3. Hey Janine !
    I have a toto tiller and I know how to use it !
    What permissions are required to do that lot ?
    Do you need to get a permit from city ?
    Who owns that property ?
    If you can find out and get permission I am up for bringing my rototiller to that spot with you and get-her-done !