Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Spiders in My Hair

You just never know what you will find when brushing your hair after doing what I do 365 days a year.

This morning I was pouring food down at the boarded up house on Pennsylvania and Second when behind me to the left I heard a loud bang, and I have to tell ya, it scared me because I thought it was a gunshot.  Out comes this black guy, and another one following him, and they are both yelling at each other.  The loud noise must have been the first guy being pushed through and out the door.  They stood there yelling expletives to each other all the while I am trying not to be noticed, and finishing up my spot there.  Well, someone else in area must have heard this noise and thought it was a gunshot because as I drove away to go to Paul’s down on Second, to feed the cats behind his house, I saw a police car in front of the house where the yelling occurred.  Meanwhile, the first man was heading down Second Street also, bag in hand, homeless.  I had assumed this because he was yelling toward the man at the house about him being homeless.  Then, as I got into the truck to head to my next and last spot on Niagara, two police cars passed me.  So not sure what that was all about.  I wish I had a police scanner. 

I am now medicating two red kitties.  The second one, on Central near Fifth, has now allowed me to touch and pet it.  It’s a very petite, young red kitty, its coat a mess, and it sounds sick.  I have been slipping in Doxy (thanks to Carole) into its food.  I am still medicating the first sweet red kitty on Bay Street, and it almost sounds better.  Someone has offered to foster this kitty, so I might make the attempt to get him next week.   He, along with so many others.  There are three that need homes desperately.  I will repost their pictures tomorrow.  In the meantime, please say a prayer for the one that I trapped this morning on Ferndale Crescent.  The poor thing has something wrong with its eye. 

After Wednesday, I won’t be posting as I am heading to Colorado for a family wedding.  It will be a very quick, expensive trip, but one I must take.  My friend, Sunday Sheryl will be helping Kings with my route.  Say a prayer for good weather for them!  The last time I went away, in 2014, there was a deluge of rain one morning for them, which was NOT fun, at all.  I felt so bad.  Thanks to both of you for your kindness.

My city garden is looking beautiful.  Thanks to Gary and June for the mulch – it was almost just enough to cover.  A very pretty golden brown.  I planted a few annuals and the tall grasses are growing in nicely.  Its still pretty sparse, but I am hoping it will fill in. 

My own home gardens are coming along nicely.  Did a lot of planting, but still have a ton of weeding to do.   Gardening is my escape from the sad morning rounds.  That, along with my Moscow Mules.  :)

My big azalea!

Pretty red azalea to the left:


Don't look at the mess behind the chairs.  Gotta clean all that junk up.  Lots of pots.  Anyone need pots?

Front still needs a bit of work.  Gotta get more color.

Its also TNR day. Poor Fizzie from Ferndale Crescent (where I used to have all those problems with Crazy Maryleigh), there is something really wrong with her eye.  It is like a bluish bubble on her eye.  Poor baby.  I hope they can help when she is seen at the clinic today.   Click on the pics to make them larger.  Can anyone tell what might be happening with her eye?

Ferndale Fizzie

I set one on my first Parsells spot, and BLAM!  Gotcha Pressly.  Not a happy camper.

Pressly from Parsells

Enjoy your day!

"As you start and end your day, 
be thankful
for every little thing in your life. 
You will come to realize how blessed
you truly are."


  1. I would say it is scar tissue in that eye probably from an old infection and that she is blind in that eye. If she is tame you should try to get HER into foster care and off the streets because with only vision in one eye she has a better (or worse) chance of getting hit by a car. Since she is holding the eye open I think it isnt bothering her and my guess is that nothing can be done for the eye. Just my guess.
    Glad you finally got the doxy and hope it helps. I think you should cut pills in quarters so pieces are small enough they wont notice them. Even better, wrap each piece in a tiny piece of Pill Pocket then they wont smell or taste it.

  2. the eye could be a current infection... not yet treated.. should be looked into