Thursday, May 19, 2016


All the cats out there that need homes.  Click on pics to see up close.  Please consider foster or adoption:

Red on Bay Street

Seven on 7th Street

Sam on Short Street

Another quiet morning out there.  I've been medicating a red kitty on Bay Street, kind of near 7th Street, because he had a terrible URI when I first came upon him.  I had seen a calico by the side of the road, and then spotted this red kitty crouched in a corner of an empty garden in front of this house, then pulled over, put dish of water and dish of food near the red kitty, and heard him breathing and it didn't sound good.  This was two weeks ago.  I've been stopping each morning, placing a pill in the food, and slowly but surely, this cat has gotten closer, and closer, until yesterday, where it allowed me to pet it.  Its coat and appearance indicate its a stray, and its been out doors too long.  I have medicated it for about two weeks now and it sounds better, but not quite.  I am running out of medicine.  I could really use some donated Clavamox or Doxycycline.   By the way, this house, it has a self water feeder and a bowl, looks like could be a food bowl, on its porch.  Plus a cat scratcher.  So it looks like this person cares about cats!  I’ll bet the calico, who is eartipped, sort of belongs to these people, even though they keep it outdoors.  It is friendly too.  But poor Red, he is obviously homeless. And after reaching ‘back there’ yesterday, he is also altered, but un-eartipped.

I was walking back to my car after feeding at the last stop on Seventh Street, and remembered the kitty I buried in the ground there.  It was the one I found under my shelter ripped apart.  One of the five kittens born there last spring.  There is a lot of garbage in this vacant lot.  I thought to myself, I should clean this up, but then realized, he is not really there.  I often think about my father who passed when I was about 9 years old, and feel guilty that I don’t go visit his grave.  But then I remember someone mentioning recently that the dead are not really there, their spiritual presence are with God, not at a grave, or a hole in the ground.  So I feel less guilty.

I struggle with writing this blog every day, sometimes I have nothing to say but post anyway, usually something crazy comes out.   I am going to take a break tomorrow and I would really love it if someone could share a story with me, about anything, about your pet, or a favorite story.  With a picture would be even better!  I swear I am not whining, but sometimes I feel like I am writing a post just to make the few people I know that read this happy.  I don’t get much feedback about things, only by a few regulars, but would love to hear more about how you feel or see things.   I have two reasons for this blog, one is that it’s a personal diary of some sorts, to record the kitties I save, and trap, but also to make people aware of what is happening in our very own city, and perhaps get some much needed help for these homeless animals that I care for.  I can’t do this forever.  I know there will be a stopping point, either I just can’t walk anymore, or I die.  I am hoping that the city will recognize this tragedy and will help, and I won’t have to go out and feed all these animals, get them spayed and neutered so that they are not multiplying, and shelter them from the harsh weather.  And of course, get them off the street into well deserving homes.

So help me to spread the word.  Your help could make all the difference.  You just never know.

Thanks and have a great day!

"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment."


  1. I wish I had some Clavamox. All I have left from Sierra is Metaclopramide, Prednisilone, and Denamarin. I also have some compounded Methimazole for Hyperthyroidism if you know anyone who might need some. The vet pharmacy made it into chewy tuna treats that Sierra begged for! I should put this on Facebook but I was dragging my feet, having a hard time letting go of anything that was Sierra's. I'm just having a hard time letting go of her, I guess.

  2. Time usually helps ease the pain of our loss. We always reminisce about all the joyous times we shared with our loved ones. Hopefully, you find peace soon!

    Walt & Karon Simoni

  3. Hi Janine ! We are friends with Chris Miller and bought our house in Rush from her. I love what you do ! Thanks so much ! I will share a few of my cat stories with you :
    My first cat Joy was a gray and white shorthair that had the most dexterous paws I have ever seen. Her favorite play time activity was to pull a sandwich bag out of the box - one at a time. She was so skilled she could get just one bag at a time out of a fully packed box. It used to make me laugh so hard when she did it I would almost wet my pants. Another cool thing I could do was walk her on a leash like a dog. When I lived on troop street I would take her out and walk around the block with her. You should have seen the people out walking stop and say - "Oh my god is that a cat ? I've never seen someone walking a cat before !" One year I carved pumpkins for Halloween and I put candles in to light them up. Big mistake. While I wasn't watching she stuck her face into the top of the pumpkin to see what was in there and her whiskers got melted ! I felt so bad. But they grew back and she was fine.
    Keep up the great work !

  4. Hey Janine - the gadget for accepting donations does not work when viewing from a web browser that supports encrypted connections (HTTPS://) Here is what the blog site displays for the donation link :

    This content is not yet available over encrypted connections.

    You should get that fixed so people using latest Internet Explorer can donate to you !

  5. I live on Vermont Street and there is a black female feral cat I've been feeding with a tipped left ear. She is very friendly, has a little bit of white hair on her stomach and a few white hairs here and there on the rest of her body. Unfortunately I can't take her as the other person where I'm living is allergic to cats. I'm guessing her age to be around two or three although to be honest I have no idea. She seems to be living in a garage behind me, one house over. I also believe there is a red cat which I'm pretty sure is male also living in the garage. Today the black cat tried to get in the house where I'm living. I don't believe she's anyone's pet in the neighborhood as I started feeding her and the red cat while it was still really cold and I saw both of them outside on some really nasty days. I don't know if anyone would be interested in taking her obviously there's a lot of other cats available based on what's been posted on here but if anyone's interested please comment. If I could keep her myself I would but my living arrangements just won't permit it. As I stated I don't know how old she is or any other information about her.

    1. Update: I found out a neighbor is feeding this cat as well as myself and she told me she lets her in her house, too, so it looks like she's taken at this point.

  6. I have a cat (earl) who is on that medicine for hyperthyroidism. If you decide to get rid of it let me know :) I just lost a cat recently too. In March. Her name was Raven and we battled mouth cancer for about two months until it effected her quality of life. It was hard to put her down because she still looked normal and happy, but you could tell that it was painful to eat. I still miss her. She was a beautiful black cat with orange eyes