Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Stayin Alive, Stayin Alive

We all know who that is...   Bee Gees....  Dating myself again. 

I say this because after I left Niagara Street this morning, and once again had to deal with the guy that I really really do not like, I realized that what I am doing is just keeping these cats alive.  They come out from under cars, or out of the crack in between the buildings, or from their tiny little huts when they hear me coming, and wait for me to fill their empty bowls.  And then you have some jerk that tries to deprive these animals of the only hope they have.  NO, YOU CAN'T FEED THEM HERE.  And its not just this big fat jerk on Niagara, the attitude is rampant across this city.  Laws need to be made, and changed.  When you have a situation like this, where it IS private property, but no 'no trespassing' signs, and the only life this one person has is to wake up and come out and wait for me to pull up at 4 am. just to threaten me with calling the police, and the latest, call the sanitation department and have my shelters across the street removed.

I have not heard back from Officer Fridley from the NET office after having placed a call to her a week and a half ago.  I know I need to do this, but my life is just full.  I work full-time, and I am exhausted by the time I get home at 5pm., when most everyone else has left their job.  I also hesitate to do this because usually the outcome is never in the cats' favor.  There is no one out there to speak up to the authorities for the animals.  The strays, the ferals, the ones that have no say in anything.  I am tired of it all.  I told this big fat jerk this morning that he can call whoever he wants to but I won't give up on the animals, that I am prepared for a fight.  I swear, I really don't like him.  And just so you know, I keep my blog PG rated because I know there are a few people that read this that don't like my swearing.  And you know who you are.  :)  And I love you anyways.  :)

Sam from Short Street

Baby from Bay Street

First thing after I left the house was to drive to Bay Street and set a trap for the sick red kitty I posted a pic of yesterday.  I set that, and then drove to Central near Fifth Street to try to get another of the five or so kitties that hang there.  I got one from there two weeks ago, a young one, and he has been letting me touch his nose now.  They almost always come around after I TNR them.  I then went and fed the kitties on Niagara, and started to get into it with BFJ but told him I didn't have time for this nonsense today, that I had traps set.  So back I went to Bay near Seventh Street, and voila, got an older tabby.  Not the calico sitting on the porch next door, nor the red kitty.  Good enough.  Then I checked on the Central Park trap, nothing yet, so drove off to Short Street to get a young boy that's been hanging around Whiskers and Baby Buttons, and BAM, grabbed him by the scruff, threw him into carrier, and there, I have my limit for today.  Both off to the clinic.  Success.  Although this is an expensive morning so far.  These two cats will cost me $120.  I could sure use some help if anyone is willing.  The clinic's number is 585-288-0600.  Thanking you in advance!

Wishing you all a wonderful day.

"Don't try to change the world.
Start smaller."


  1. You should try Lieutenant Fridley again. Not sure what section office she's out of, but calling RPD HQ, they may be able to tell you her #. Their # is 428-7033.

  2. I left a message for lieutenant fridley, I have her direct number.

  3. Hey, two less baby-makers on the streets! Fantastic! Too bad the BFJ (love that!) is on a mission to make life miserable for you and the cats. There's a solution and if anyone can find it, I know you can. I've just said a prayer for you and the cats; that God will give you peace in your heart and the right words to say to those who are against you. Also that He would change the BFJ's heart and give him a spirit of cooperation to work with you to find a solution. Amen.