Wednesday, May 4, 2016

No Respect

Rodney Dangerfield.    Animals get no respect either.   I try to write uplifting things in my blog each day, after all, who wants to read sad stuff?  You might as well turn on the geographic channels and watch tigers go after innocent creatures.  But the reality is, its pretty sad out there.  I try not to let it get to me.  But it does.  Just this morning, another of my shelters is being jeopardized.  Its not MY shelter, its the five cats or so that 'live' there.  Garson Avenue.  The man that owns the property is insane.  Well, kooky.  Or I like to say, eccentric.  He had some pretty crazy things placed inside my shelter there.  And the boards and one tote was removed and thrown around.  I left a note for him pleading for mercy.  That's all I can do.  It made me sick to see this, after all the other things I saw before it.  I released two boys after their neuter yesterday, although Baby was already neutered.  I still had to pay full shot - $120.  He was given shots, and had it ear-tipped.  Sam was let back to Short Street, sadly enough.  A definite keeper he is, someone's lost pet. 

UPDATE:  I will write more on this tomorrow, but if anyone knows a skilled craftsman/architect that could design some form of 'pleasing to the eye' shelter, it was suggested that I do this for the Niagara Street shelter I have behind the Rochester Clutch and Break building (which is being sold by end of summer).  I met the owner, very kind and compassionate man, this morning, and he suggested this.  PLEASE, if anyone can come up with an idea for an aesthetically pleasing shelter, I would so appreciate it.

Peppercorn w/his Dad and canine brother!

Peppercorn was brought to his new home yesterday.  He joins his older brother, and two older sisters, besides his new set of parents.  It was terribly hard to leave PC.  He was the only surviving kitten from my niece's cat litter nearly two months ago.  What a cutie he turned out to be.  Cuddly, and sweet.  The best of the bunch - although I know I shouldn't have favorites.  I wish they had taken two kittens, but the new family promised me he would get a lot of love and attention.  I have five kittens left and they are a handful, that is for sure.  The boy Sparky is tugging at my heartstrings now...  such a cute little thing, although they are all cute!  He just sits and looks into my eyes.  He is a bit more mellow than his siblings.

I have a friend in Australia by the name of Jen Brown, and she shares pictures of her dog, Brady Brown, that she rescued last year, after her first beloved doggie went to heaven.  I just have to share his pictures with you, and Jen's story:

Brady Brown in the Aussie forest - he loves the bush and water!
 "We lost our third rescue dog five years ago. I can't do without a pooch so found Brady (then named Oscar) on the internet at Animal Aid, Melbourne.  They are so strict with their animal adoptions. The household has to be harmonious so the poor creature doesn't stress in a new environment.

Jim said "I forbid you to get another dog." So naturally I ignored him.  Brady's former owners dumped him at 10 months because they couldn't cope with young family and an energetic dog.

Yes we always miss our precious clever rescue dogs, but each new one teaches us more values. Patience, love, comfort, friendship and playtime. And Brady Brown Dog is a big hit. 

I work with volunteers and one 85 year old gentleman used to have a Border Collie as his working farm dog. So I'm allowed to take Brady to work at my radio station (Vision Australia Radio for blind and vision impaired )  This senior citizen is going through a bad spell - big changes in life as his wife battles pancreatic cancer.  So just taking Brady out for quality time walks helps him escape from his troubles.

Brady Brown car ride!
And Brady just about has a big fan club with staff and volunteers at work. He is beautiful and the kids and Jim love him even though they all told me not to get another dog. (get lost I said!!)" 

Brady Brown and his doggy toy!
I would love to hear your stories!  Please share a pic and a story with me - you can send to  Thanks very much!

"Compassion for animals is intimately associated with goodness of character, and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man."

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