Monday, May 16, 2016

I Love Mondays!

Not really.

Plates.  Actually, if I could design plates that are needed for the cats - they would be shaped like pie tins, with lower sides, but high enough so that the food doesn't slide off, and heavy enough not to blow away in the wind when empty!

Saturday morning I pulled up to Parsells #1 spot and saw a cat run off the porch where the food and shelters are.  As I shined my flashlight, I could see the poor cats tail had been severed midway, and it was bloody at the end.  I thought how horrible this is.  Its unbelievable how much cats can endure, and you wouldn't even know they are suffering.  They can't tell you, or for ferals, they are too afraid to show it.  I haven't seen it since, or maybe its been there but has run before I even get up to the porch.  Poor baby.  I would leave antibiotics in every bowl if I only had a supply of them.  Just to help these poor angels, many of whom are suffering some ailment that I just can't see.

Again, my wish list would be for money, food - both wet and dry, tuna for TNR Tuesdays, large heavy plates, donations to the clinic, and fosters so that I can continue to get many of these cats off the streets for socialization and eventual permanent homes.

A Clump of Kittens!

Tiny Angels!  All need adoption!
CLICK on picture above to see up close!

I think about this often:  I haven't had a day off since April 2014.  That's 730+ days.  Can you imagine yourself - getting up 730 straight days in a row, at 2:45 am. and going out into the dark, no matter the weather, and feeding a bunch of cats?  Good God.  What is wrong with me.

I'll tell you what's wrong with me, I am nuts!  I saw a white hooker this morning on the corner of Bay and Seventh.  I had stopped to put food and medicine down for a cat that I've been medicating, who, by the way, let me pet its head Sunday morning.  Breakthrough.  Its very sick and looks very unkempt.  Poor thing.  Anyways, I then saw a shiny new white car drive past me, turn around in a driveway, and then turn at Seventh Street where the hooker was, and stopped.  I then got into my car to drive to Niagara, and as I did, I don't know what made me do it, but I stopped, she looked at me, I yelled out to her, DON'T DO IT!  The car then drove away, I yelled to her ITS TOO DANGEROUS!  DON'T DO IT!  and she mumbled something about minding my own business.  Hey, who knows if there are more Arthur Shawcross' around.  This is the very neighborhood where he picked up hookers way back then.  Was that in the 90s?  I know i am nuts, but maybe, just maybe, I prevented something pretty bad that might have happened to that girl.

Have a good day!

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.  The important thing is not to stop questioning."


  1. The plate you described sounds like the dish you put under clay pots to catch the water. I bet those would work, they come in all sizes.

  2. Yes, you are nuts yelling at hookers! LOL! Seriously, though she could have gotten pissed and come after you. Please, be careful.

    I bet we have some cat food for you. We'll have to find a way to get it to you soon. :)