Tuesday, May 17, 2016

TNR Tuesday

My mother calls me yesterday.  She lives in Webster.  She and her neighbor - I call them the two crazy cat ladies, have been feeding feral and stray cats for a long time now and is always telling me about this one or that one, but when she called yesterday, she was dead serious and asked if I had a trap.  She said she thinks there is a pregnant cat out there.  So the trap was brought over, and set.  BOOM, the cat went in.  Unfortunately, this was mid afternoon, so the poor baby has been in the trap since then.  Its on my porch ready to go into the clinic this morning.  I can't tell anything.  What sex, or if pregnant.  But its quiet, and scared, and young, and gorgeous.    I've named him (or her?) Stone  (Stone Phillips anyone?) after the street name she lives on - Stony Point Trail.  :)

STONE from Stony Point
Then, BLAM!  I got this little buddy on Parsells this morning.  I've named him Pretzel!  :)  My hope was to catch the poor kitty with its tail severed.  Get some antibiotics into him.  :(  Maybe next week.

Today:  These two cats will cost me $120.  Somethings gotta give.  :(

Pretzel from Parsells
Kristin and I have been talking and we are hoping to have the 3rd Annual Meow and Chow fundraiser this September.  We figured it wouldn't be as HOT as the past two events have been - 90s.  We are also thinking clams!  Would love to do a clambake.  With some bands, lots of food, and good company, it should be a blast.  As soon as I have that Saturday date, I will let you all know so that you can save the date!

Have a great day!

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