Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Happy Hump Day

Pretzel, the pretty kitty from Parsells that I trapped yesterday was let back out this morning.  Poor thing.  Stone, the kitty that Trapper Jane, my mother, trapped yesterday in her hood in Webster turned out to be post-partum.  She was heavily lactating also, according to the girls at the clinic.  She must have just had a litter, so Mom, and her neighbors, will hopefully do their best to scout out the babies.  Poor things.  Life is so hard for these homeless creatures.  We must do our best to spread the word to SPAY and NEUTER ALL ANIMALS.  There are too many out there suffering due to human negligence.

I pulled up to one of the spots at Second and Pennsylvania this morning, and all my stuff was removed from the porch of the boarded up house.  This is the same house where there was a murder, or death, across the street, and the news reporter came up to me asking if this was my house.  This is where I quietly said to myself 'yea, sure, I live in this boarded up house lady...' (but I did tell her what I was doing there).  The property is 140 Second Street, or 140 Pennsylvania.  If anyone can find out what is happening with this house that has been vacant for many years now, it would be appreciated. They did leave the dishes on the steps, but all my shelters and boards were trashed on the side of the road.  Today is trash day in the City.   I pray these cats will take shelter across the road, behind the house of the man who died last year.  There has been some movement going on in the front of his house, tree cutting, but they haven't gotten rid of the shelter behind the house, yet.  So upsetting.

Sunday morning on Seventh Street, after getting out of the car, I spotted two chicken on the end of the driveway across the road.  Clucking away.  And each morning, there is a rooster crowing, coming from either the back of the houses there on Seventh, or behind the houses on Sixth Street.  Isn't it illegal to have chickens in the city?

Such happenings!

That's about it.  I have a girl coming to look at the kittens this Saturday morning, and I am trying to convince her to take two, if she is eligible for the adoption anyways.   I have made the decision that I won't hand my cat over to anyone that I wouldn't hand over my child to.  What I mean is, I would have to trust the person to know they are going to give this animal a happy and healthy long life.

Please spread the word out there about all these kittens and cats still on the street.  They need our help, and I need more fosters.  Thanks and have a great day.

"It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light."

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  1. According to the COR website, 140 Pennsylvania St is a vacant structure & owned by Bank of America. #151 & 175 are owned by the COR.

    Vacant Structures
    Site Address 140 PENNSYLVANIA AV
    SBL 10659000020740000000
    Property Class Code 220
    First Owner Name BANK OF AMERICA NA
    Postal Address 7105 CORPORATE DR
    Postal City PLANO TX 75024