Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Humpty Dumpty Day

Humpty Dumpty - kind of a creepy nursery rhyme, now that I think about it!  

Where do I begin?  So much has happened in the past two days.  Lets see, it all started with me setting traps at THREE different locations, and winding up getting just this one poor girl, believed to be post partum, on Third Street. I named her Tinker.  She was a very quiet one, young, beautiful, black, sleek long haired coat.  Terrified all the way until I returned her this morning.  Sad sad sad to let them back out there.  My bill yesterday?  $107.

I then went on to a country trip to Lyons, New York with my mother and niece, (helping my niece through a situation), driving down long winding country roads.  I thought I was in heaven.  The houses, barns, countryside, I just love it.  Until I see .............  a cat!  In the road!  Dead!  Ugggh.  I can't get away from it.  I got out and laid it under a tree.  Poor thing.  And you tell me its ok to let your cats out, right?  As my mother said, some little girl might be missing her kitty.  Well, there it is.

My day ended yesterday by visiting Sparky in his new home.  I won't get into details, but lets just say yesterday morning started in panic, and ended much better.  A misunderstanding, shall we say.  I am not into defaming people if they really don't deserve it, and if they are giving an animal I've rescued a safe loving home.  She sends me pictures, I've received a refundable deposit from her for when Sparky is neutered, and hopefully we can remain in contact with each other.  Sparky joins his two great big brothers, huge labs, and a big sister, mom and dad.  He is loved.  I have learned a lesson also.

Well, I pulled up to my Parsells location, this morning.  If you recall, all my shelters were removed from the porch of this house by some Five Brothers property company back in late winter.  Then, across the road, behind this one house where I've been feeding for well over five years now, the property maintenance people moved all my stuff and told me it was illegal to feed animals behind there.  So I met the girl next door and she told me I could move my stuff behind that house.  So I did.  She moved out claiming her landlord wasn't doing any repairs of anything, etc., and when I pulled up this morning, all my shelters were by the curb.  I won't say the words I've been repeating over and over out loud and in my head ever since.  I did, however, leave a note:  Dear Slumlord.  NOW you decide to clean up your pig sty?  And displace homeless cats too.  I would love to meet you face to face.  and then left my number.  I don't think I've ever seen a more filthy, garbage strewn, tires, all over, car fenders, backyard.  Its been like that forever too.  And now they had to clean up.  I have had it with these nasty people.  So, I set plates in the front of the house for the seven cats starving, and got every thing moved across the street to another vacant house which probably won't last very long over there either.  I am sick over this.  Sick.

My garden is cleaned up and ready to have mulch added, and some bright and beautiful flowers.  A friend June and I planted a couple of marigolds for color, but I could use some colorful annuals if anyone is willing to donate?  This is the garden I, with the help of friends, created after applying for a garden permit, just so that I could keep my shelters in the back of this lot.  There were 8 cats depending on them, and they continue to do so.  Thank you to those that supplied perennials last year.


Today, Penny, the mommy cat of the kittens, is going to Caring For Cats for diagnosis of the following: (text I received from her foster mom) Penny is peeing everywhere but the litter boxes. The one carpet was saturated when I tore it up. This one is smelling pretty nasty too. Idk what to do to make her stop. She is also not consistent in pooping in the box- sometimes poops next to it. Suggestions please!! I wonder if she should be checked by the vet cuz of that bloody vomit incident over a month ago (I sent you pictures) and since has had a couple bowel movements with streaks of blood though not consistently . And there have been a few times when petting her I have wondered if she had a fever. Idk. Just thoughts. Also, her belly is still huge- how long after pregnancy does it take to go back to normal?

Doing the best I can.  I need help, financially for medical appts for these poor animals, cat food, and now heavy plates again as the ones that my friends June and Gary brought over last weekend were trashed and I couldn't locate them in all the garbage.

Have a great day!

"Never waste your time trying to explain yourself to people who are committed to misunderstanding you."


  1. Please tell Penny's mom to try unscented clay litter - not the clumping kind. Many cats hate the smell of scented litter and refuse to use the litter box if it is in there. Many cats also dislike the texture of the clumping litter. I had the same problem and I changed the litter and kitty used the box immediately!

  2. Penny may be sick if she's passing blood...maybe parasites, who knows.

  3. Glad that she took Penny to the vet. After ruling out other problems at vet, she should try Cat Attract. They make a cat litter OR a litter additive and I hear it really works. She must not like that litter tho because cats will naturally use a litter box to dig in. I use plain old cheapo walmart unscented clay litter.

  4. J-Bean... Remember you have to re-apply every year for that garden permit.