Friday, May 6, 2016

Scenes From a Morning

These are pictures I took this morning of some of the babies that need homes - these kitties are still on the streets.  They are loving, and sweet.  And they don't deserve to struggle like they do.  They receive love and attention for one minute out of their 24 hour day.  Please spread the word.  Please consider adoption, or even fostering.  There are so many benefits.  (CLICK ON THE PICTURES TO SEE UP CLOSE)

SEVEN on 7th Street

SAM on Short Street 

CHIPPIE on Central

Pennsylvania Ave. & 4th Street Kitty

Pennsylvania Ave. & 4th Street Kitty

Flowers in my Garden on Pennsylvania

I need new grasses, and mulch

Cute little (young) red on Pennsylvania and 2nd Street

Muted Cali on Pennsylvania and 2nd

Niagara Street Kitty who climbed the fence

Niagara Street Kitties

What are the benefits of fostering?

Being a foster parent entails taking a homeless cat into your home and providing him/her with food, water, appropriate exercise, basic training, proper handling and love. There is no greater satisfaction or rewarding experience than to watch a cat living on the street bloom into a wonderful pet due to your own generosity and personal commitment to save his or her life.

You only need to treat the pets kindly, have patience with them and understand that they have all been abandoned or displaced by circumstances entirely out of their control. 

By taking a homeless cat into your home, you help to increase the pet's chance of being successfully adopted in a number of ways:

1) You provide love, stability, and attention which will help him/her to rebuild trust in human beings.

2)You make the cat a more attractive candidate to potential adopters by working with the animal on socialization, housebreaking, and basic obedience.

3)Some homeless animals have lived on the street and have never had a regular routine or schedule.  By inviting a displaced pet into your home, you greatly assist him/her in adapting to a home environment—possibly for the first time.

Fostering is a way you can get to know many different cat personalities, with each one being a new adventure and experience.  Most importantly, you will be doing a wonderful thing—giving these deserving animals a chance at a new, loving life.  

 "Happiness begins where selfishness ends.
Give and that is where you find happiness."


  1. Oh my god - those sweet faces. I am so thankful they have you. To think of them all alone in the world breaks my heart. Your presence in their lives for a few minutes a day is the difference between untold suffering and actually being ok with a full belly each morning - and someone looking out for them. You are their hero, plain and simple.

  2. Clip the grass to 6" and it will be fine.

  3. I just sent out an email to all of the tech teachers in the Gates-Chili school district. I bet we can get some help for you building some really nice shelters :)