Monday, May 9, 2016

Funday Monday....

My Sexy Momma

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Well, no one has stepped up to foster or adopt any of the precious babes from my last post.  Hopefully y'all are thinking about it, right?  :)

Saturday morning I had a girl ride along with me, someone who has never done it, and someone who've I've met very briefly once before, who was kind enough to drop off food and handmade blankets to me.  I could tell she was very nervous, and she mentioned that her husband was also.  :)  I tried to ease her right away, and I think it worked, because she became a natural helper right away!  By the time we finished, she was not as nervous, and I told her to text her husband and tell him she was still alive.  :)  It really isn't as bad out there as most people think.  Granted, it is a poverty stricken, high crime area, but I do this in the wee hours of the morning and even the criminals sleep.  The cops agree.  And regardless, the crims and the street people know who I am and have respect for me.  I thank Jacqui for tagging along with me.  Sunday Sheryl hasn't let me down in the 2+ years she has been riding with me on Sundays.  Would love more company, so please let me know if you would like a thrill some morning!

I've been feeding a calico kitty and a red kitty in front of a house on Bay Street.  I place the food under a bush for them, and break up a pill for the red kitty who has been suffering with severe upper respiratory infection.  I noticed this morning that the friendly calico is ear tipped, thank God.  I will try again for red kitty tomorrow on my TNR day, Tuesday.

The kittens are as spunky as ever.   Sparking has some sort of breathing problem, I think I will have to have him brought to the clinic today to figure it out.  He seems fine though, playing and eating!  Although he is also the most lovable and cuddly.   I've got to get them adopted!  I have been reaching out to Peppercorn's new parents, but have not had any response back, which I am a bit upset about.  I've only heard from them once, but I need an update.

TNR Tuesday.  Its tomorrow, so wish me luck.  It will also cost me another $60 per cat, so please consider donating!  The clinic's number is 585-288-0600.  Thank you in advance!

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