Friday, May 13, 2016

Rainy Days and Monday's Always Get Me Down!

I go through at least 44 (FORTY FOUR) 5.5 oz. cans of wet cat food a day.  It take 6 cans to fill up a large yogurt sized container, and I fill six of those.   I fill up three 2-gallon bags of dry food, and then wind up using another small bag to make it through my morning.  Every single day.  If anyone is ever wondering how they can help?  Its food.  Not just food, but also donations for medical treatment at the Rochester Community Animal Clinic on Bay Street.  I have an account there, where there is always a balance due.  I am charged $60 per cat for spay/neuter.  Maybe that will change once I establish a tax exempt status which is being worked on by a very esteemed law firm.  Should be any day now!

Smoky says Hi!

Buster says TGIF!

Scooter says FEED ME!

Midnight says "I LOVE YOU!"

I could also use some heavy plates that have sides to them, so that the food doesn't easily slide off the sides.  Heavy as in ceramic, or glass.  I had three nice ones that someone donated that were trashed recently by the jerks on Parsells Avenue who put everything out to the curb after many years of housing cats behind their property.  Actually, the jerks were the property managers.  Seems many slumlords nowadays have 'property managers'.

Oh!  And I need medicine.  Doxy and Clavamox.  I continue to medicate the red kitty, who I think is getting much better after hearing its SEVERE URI.  I am stopping at this non-stop (this isn't a normal stop for me) each day just to medicate this guy.  But need to get him TNR'd too!

These are my needs.  Plain and simple.  Life just doesn't get any better, does it?

Someone continues to come out of the gated apartment complex on Niagara Street and removes the food and water for the cats inside the gate there, daily.  I don't think its the BFJ as I think we have an understanding now, but who knows.  Would love to catch the creep someday.  In the meantime, waiting on some nicely built shelters to be built for across the street to make it more attractive.

Speaking of, there is a commercial each morning now that I see that features SWBR Architects and how they are doing volunteer work for the community.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if THEY could make some neat shelters, professionally designed and ones that the city wouldn't object to.  I think it has been done in other states, but I can't remember who told me about this.  Kristin?  If anyone would care to do some research on this, I would sure appreciate it.  Here is SWBR link.  I would think if we were to contact them, we should have some examples under our belt.

That's it for today. Work has me crazy, and tomorrow, I am travelling with my mother to a town near Albany, to and from in one day, to attend my nephew's graduation from college party.  Should be interesting.  :)

Have a great day (despite the rain!).

PS, lets get these kittens adopted!!!  They alone are costing me $20 per week on food alone.  That creep never bothered to send any donation toward the help of these five kittens and the mother that were in his mother's house.

Sometimes that's all you have
when you have nothing else.
If you have it, you have everything."


  1. The way I think I understand how RCAC works is this-once you get your 501c3 you can apply/request Rescue Partner status. Then you get rescue partner prices on exams, vaccinations etc and spay/neuter of adoptables (without an eartip). It is my understanding that everyone pays the same price for feral package tho, which is unfortunate that that was raised up to $60, especially after discontinuing (which is seeming like it may be permanent) the Friends of Ferals program. Maybe you should just ask Cyndy at RCAC to clarify.

  2. BFJ - that made me laugh out loud.

  3. What size pans are you looking for. Pie plate size?? 2 or 3 quart square ones??