Monday, May 23, 2016


It was a quiet weekend.  The weather has been mild for the homeless cats of Rochester.  No snow, wind, thunder boomers and very little rain.  It’s comforting especially for a few certain cats that I’ve been feeding.  One being the red kitty on Bay Street, near Goodman, close to Seventh Street.  I have been feeding and medicating this poor animal for two weeks now and he still sounds and looks sick.  He is huddled on the side of a house each morning when I pull up.  He has finally allowed me to pet him, as he waits to come near the wet food I place under a bush for him.  His coat is dirty and unkempt, and his breathing is plugged.   I know he needs a rescue, but I just can’t do it without a foster to bring him to.  I must either switch his meds, or continue to give him what little left of the Clavamox I have left and hope that will do it.  Someone is sending me some Doxycycline, but I don’t know if I should be switching like that. 

I picked up a poor dead red kitty on the street - Parsells - on Friday morning.  Heartbreaking. These poor animals.

Out of the six kittens I’ve had the pleasure to care for recently, four have been adopted.  Peppercorn went first, then Sparky, and this weekend, a sweet girl came by and adopted Charlie and Arnie.  They will be delivered to their new home tomorrow.  Just Birdie and Poppy, the two girls, are left.  They are so innocent and sweet.  I just love them so, but they need to find their new home so that I can rescue more kitties. 

I just had an alarming message from the woman that adopted Sparky.   I allowed her to take Sparky on Friday without my normal delivering a kitten to the potential home, because I thought she was nice, and I did it on good faith with the agreement that I would stop over on Tuesday to check on him and to get the adoption papers and fee.  She has now blocked me from any conversation and I only have her cell phone, which she is not answering.  I have alerted my friend in law enforcement.  I cannot believe this woman has done this.  I am now demanding this kitten back.


  1. Hi Janine. I am so sorry about the Sparky situation. I cannot believe that someone would do that - especially someone who is supposedly an animal lover. Please let us know what the police say are your options.

  2. You might want to call animal control. They might be able to send someone to her house. Or the humane society.

  3. I would definitely switch the sick kitty to doxycycline as soon as you get it. If you were giving clavamox once a day it needs to be given twice a day. It is fine to switch antibiotics like that. The vets have told me that. Try one for two weeks, if that doesnt worktry no. 2, then No. 3.Wish I had known this kitty was waiting for it Hope it helps him.
    And I sure hope Sparky is o.k. its getting harder and harder to trust people to adopt to. Carole

  4. What was the alarming message this woman left you??

  5. Hey, Janine. I'm glad you seem to have gotten things worked out with Sparky. Too bad it had to be so stressful.

    The methimazole that I have isn't transdermal, it's a tuna flavored chew. The lady is welcome to have them if she still wants them. I have quite a few of them.

  6. What ended up happening with Sparky??