Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hippity Hoppity Hump!ross

So today I had to let the little Fizzie back out into the hood.  She was pregnant.  Here is what they said about her eye:  "once sedated; right eye-chronic condition causing anterior synechia with iris adhered to cornea-appears almost 360 degrees adhesion.  Possibly from healed rupture of cornea?  Appears to have minimal active inflammation present currently.  Monitor closely for worsening of condition but likely to remain with current appearance.  As a feral this kitty should do fine as long as condition does not worsen."

And this is what I have to deal with by letting these poor animals back out onto the streets.  Guilt, and overwhelming sadness for them.  We have too many cats and not enough people to take them in.   Both she and Pressly, a girl also, spent a quiet night on my porch before being released this morning.

Total bill:  $120 for them both.  I won’t be able to continue to get these cats spayed or neutered without help in the future.  I would like to start a small fundraiser right now by asking for help with one spay and neuter, from each of you.  You can make the difference for these cats multiplying like they are.  Please consider a $60 donation towards the spay and neuter of these creatures who didn’t ask for this.  Thank you in advance.

Here is what my fabulous attorney with Harter, Secrest & Emery law firm has to say about my 501c3 status.  For JanineTheBean Rescue, Inc.  They are doing this pro bono, for which I am grateful for.  I used to work there as a legal secretary, as a matter of fact!  :)  "things are moving and will move much more quickly now.  Rayza Santiago (copied on this message) will work with you on completing the IRS filing.  She will be sending you a power of attorney form that will enable her to do the filing electronically, and to communicate with IRS on the application.  If I can do anything, I will. But, Rayza is the guru."

Speaking of fundraisers, just to get it in your mind, my third annual fundraiser should be the second or third week of September this year.  Think CLAMS.  Think COOLER WEATHER, Think GREAT MUSIC, Think GREAT BOOZE if you are into that, and Think GOOD TIME!  J

Above is picture of my garden.  Again, its sparse.  And now that I downloaded it, you can barely see anything.  It was still dark/light out and my camera S___KS.  I would LOVE to have a really nice camera donated to me someday.  Or be able to afford one but that is most likely not going to happen.  I would be able to capture the scenes that I see more vividly.  As I drove home, with the sun just coming up, I passed by a few homes on Bay Street.  Some of them really do care about their property – lawn mowed, pretty flowers, trees pruned.  Its so nice to see.  Others, not at all.   Trash and filth.  Of course, no one in this area has the money to do, but they do what they can.  I would love to place a check in each one of these people’s homes for $1000 – the ones that care – as a reward for trying!

Here is the Central Park red.  If you click on the pictures, you can see them closer.,  She (I think) is petite, sick and dirty, but finally able to trust me and allows me to pet her.  This morning I caught her purring.  I am medicating her with Doxy also.  She is #2 on my rescue list.  

Thank you in advance for any way possible that you can help me in this quest to help Rochester's homeless animals.  

"Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked."
Psalm 82:4


  1. Petsmart in Henrietta has had ZERO cats for the last two weeks. (Not sure if they were associated w Scottsville Adoptions, who lost their 501c). But every single cage is empty. Any chance you can contact them to shelter/adopt out kitties?

  2. I was thinking this same thing last night. You need to get a spot at one of the pet food stores and show your beautiful rescues.

  3. Janine just a thought - now that it's yard sale time maybe people having them could donate some of their earnings to your efforts! That would be cool!! You're welcome about the mulch.

  4. Is that red cat pregnant?

  5. Hey Janine, I still have styrofoam boxes for you if/when you need them. Also have a new-in-the-box Canon PowerShot A540 if you want it. I am out on disability for a few weeks, call me anytime. Kathy M.

  6. That's pretty exciting about the non-profit status moving along! I'm hoping that will open a lot of doors and opportunities for you and the cats.

  7. Henrietta Petsmart had half from Scottsville and the other half Lollypop. I am sure you have to be a registered 501c3 to get affiliated as a rescue partner but you might want to find out if they have anyone lined up if it will be soon that you will get yours. I wonder why Lollypop hasnt had any in their half?!

    1. I think Kitten Korner Rescue is there, also!

  8. KKR is at Henrietta Petco on Saturdays 12-3.