Thursday, May 26, 2016


Another morning where I don't know where to begin.

Hilton Head - 2014 (last time I had a day off!) (where I tried to save all the starfish)
First thing is that tomorrow is the first day of a four day weekend for me.  LOVING IT!  :)  Gotta work hard at work though, always want to be sure I've left everything in order, all dots are dotted and all T's are crossed. Is that the old saying?  I will be spending about an hour tomorrow morning in my city garden, spreading mulch and planting the few annuals I have.  I hope they spread and continue to bloom throughout the summer.  Between that garden and my own, I just couldn't afford to make it as pretty as I would like it to be.  I received a note from the city saying that it is my responsibility to keep the garden and the lot nice and tidy, mowing and weeding, which I will have to do.

Phoebe from Hilton Head (she stole my heart - total stranger)

My niece, who has had her share of ups and downs in the past, and who is MOVING FORWARD from hereon! is moving in on Monday to spend LESS THAN A MONTH with me.  Oh boy.  Wish me luck!  :)  She is bringing in her cat that was the mom to Peppercorn, who had to have emergency surgery, who cost me $400.  The cat will have to stay in the bedroom where niece will be.  Too much on my own kitties.  Wish me luck there also.  Pray the kitty is OK with this arrangement.  I wanted to board kitty, but it costs so much, just can't do it.

I have written my lawyer who is helping with the tax exempt status for me.  I am hoping he comes back with some good new shortly. It should be any day now!

I was thinking about the shelters I have all over the city.  Well, in the Beechwood section, near the Public Market, which is where I feed close to 100 cats daily, and try my best to rescue them and/or to get them spayed and neutered.  The shelters that are rarely bothered or removed are on vacant city lots.  The 'safe' ones are in the back of these lots, barely noticed.  The shelters that have been removed recently are on other people's property.  When I placed these shelters on others' property, I received permission, or the house was vacant for so long and no one cared for years.  When these people moved, or the house was cleaned out, my shelters were destroyed.  There is one house on Pennsylvania in which an older black man lived and died last year.  His house was untouched, light inside left on up until just this past few weeks.  He had allowed me to place shelters behind his house without ever communicating with me verbally.  He just let me do it.  The family or whoever has come along and trimmed some trees in front, and yesterday, all this man's lifelong belongings were placed at the curb for trash pick up.  I picked up a few nearly new hard covered Christmas books.  At least someone cared about his 'trash'.  I felt a sense of sadness - I could see ties, shoes, things that this man had, all at the curb.  When we die, who cares about our stuff?  Only ourselves I guess!  Anyhow, the thing about this is that they have not touched the shelters.  So much so that they actually took the time to place some of his furniture in the back yard, but they had to walk around the shelter to place the stuff there.  Who knows, it could be gone tomorrow, but it shows you there is SOME compassion in this world.  Because one week prior, the shelters on the porch of the vacant house across the street from this house were removed and put to the curb.  I must write a note to leave tomorrow thanking whoever it is for sparing these shelters, for now.

7th Street Lot - before I placed real shelters

I have so many thoughts, I could go on and on today, but must close.

Please consider rescue of one of these angels whose homes are displaced and they have nothing.  There are three on Parsells, and now two on Pennsylvania.  Its our responsibility to care for these guys and I can't do it alone.  Two more kittens are left also!  Please consider foster!

Have a GREAT day!

"Every man's life ends the same
way.  It is only the details of how
he lived and how he died that
distinguish one man from another."


  1. Janine, how did Penny make out at the vets? Nancy C.

  2. Hi Janine - oh my you have a lot going on! Always thinking of you and the kitties. Continue to read your blog daily event tho I don't always write comments. Try to enjoy your 4 day weekend? Do you need some hosta plants for your garden - my mom has some to spare. Tracy

  3. You certainly do have a lot on your plate. Wouldn't that be wonderful if the shelters could stay where they are. Sending up a prayer that they will!
    Hope you enjoy your weekend. I still need to know which day and what time you're coming. :D

  4. Hopefully the man that died is up in heaven petitioning God to let you in for all the wonderful things you do to help the kitties as well as humans.