Monday, January 11, 2016

January 9, 10 and 11!!! LAURIE M., JULIE L., and CAROLE S.!!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to LAURIE, JULIE and CAROLEThank you for helping me to feed the kitties Saturday Sunday and today!!!  Julie's donation was made in memory of my dear sweet Patches.  Boy do I miss that cat.  Just like I miss so many that have passed on before him.  I fall in love with each and every cat I rescue and either keep or adopt out.  They are all so precious in their own way.  Some have suffered more than others, but all were loved equally.  So thank you girls.  You help to feed helps me immensely.  Don't forget, its what keeps me doing what I do, your support.  All of yours.  I just can't do it without you.  Honest.


It was brutal out this morning.  Temp is 20 right now, but with wind chill, -2.  brrrr....  funny thing is I am still going out there in my light zip jacket and hoodie underneath.  Some really warm socks and lace up snow boots, and I am good to go.  I had to peel off the gloves after a while because it does get warm.  In fact, many times have had to peel off layers of clothing, AND turn on the A/C!  I am always moving: drive up to spot, get out, get back in, drive away, drive up to next spot, get out, get back in......  19 times.  CRAZY stuff.  But they were all waiting for me.

There are two tugging at my heart strings right now.  My boy Parsley, and the little black girl on Central, I am naming her Cuddles.  Cuddles really deserves a home.  When I had her spayed this summer, she had already delivered a litter, and only God knows what happened to them.  She runs to me from under the porch next door each morning now.  I have no clue why she isn't using the shelters at this vacant house on the corner I have set up for these cats.  I don't know if any of them are using them.  You do have to check them periodically, you never know if an animal has died inside one of them, or you have to check to see if the straw is still dry, and good.  But Cuddles, and Parsley on Parsells Avenue are desperate to get help.


Kristin added up the numbers for 2015 - while I did think I had rescued more, I wasn't too far off. 
Here is what she had to say:

"I added up all your TNR and rescues for 2015.  You had 71 rescues and 63 TNRs.  I know that's less than you thought but it's OUT OF CONTROL in my mind that you rescued 71 cats!  That averages out to a rescue every 5 days for the entire year.  And a TNR every 5 1/2 days all year long.  I can't remember what your numbers were for 2014 but I don't think it was more than 2015.  I am going to go back to January of 2015 in your blog and try to find your 2014 numbers.  And I have started your 2016 list.  :)  "

Buddy was adopted on Saturday.  Maria, his new mom, LOVES him to pieces already. He checked out fine at the vet - NO WORMS (GROSS) like we thought he had.  So, $76 later, he's a perfectly healthy cat.  I am thrilled at this adoption.  Buddy ran to me each morning on Baldwin and Grand Avenue, for so long.  He was one of the two that was not neutered, and the second I trapped him, I knew he was a keeper.  I just had to find him a place to go until he would be adopted.  I can't wait to hear an update on Buddy - although Maria did text me to say he's been following her around like a puppy dog.  I am hoping she will consider adopting Buttons too.  Buddy needs a companion when the house is empty.  Wondering also if Maria will change Buddy's name!


Another excerpt from a previous winter post!


Winter Solstice

It was two days ago.  Funny how it doesn't seem like winter without the white stuff.  Although winter is officially upon us, just yesterday was the first day, its days are already numbered, which is wonderful.  I feel better about that somehow.  Instead of three months of misery for the cats, it will only be two.  I love the snow, but I only dread it for the cats.  I love all four seasons, they all have something good about them!

Miss B. invited me to the holiday celebration at the Women's shelter yesterday.  I was honored to be invited, as she had to clear it through the director there.  Its obviously a shelter for women for a reason, so in order to even get in the place as a visitor, you have to be 'cleared'.   I was floored when I met the 18 women in there, and the camaraderie that was shared among them.  It was clean and organized.  There was a good handful of babies and children.  All these women have their stories, but they were all very well mannered and grateful, obviously, for this haven.  Miss B. I was told did all the cooking, most of it at least, there was fried chicken, collared greens, mac & cheese, macaroni salad, beans and wonderful desserts.  As they said grace before their meal, I was just so humbled.  And to think this was all on account of CATS!  If I hadn't met Miss B. and fallen in love with her kindness towards animals, and her sense of humor, which is so similar to mine, I would never have the opportunity to see this side of life.  Hopefully never.  I am just so grateful.

I have two wonderful kind women coming over tomorrow morning to go on my rounds, and we are going to try to get Emma, the mommy kitty, and the little kitten on Second Street who has a URI trapped.  One of these women has offered to take both.  They are both sick, and she has offered to help.  So many people out there who are so kind hearted to do something like this.  Its a burden but one that thankfully people are willing to bear.  I am just so grateful.  Wish us luck, and I will keep you posted!


  1. I am so excited that Buddy was adopted! What a great way to start the week. He has such a sweet face. :) I am hoping and praying that a foster or adopter will step up for Parsley and Cuddles.

  2. Hi Janine. Awww - your flashback captured the day we got Emma and Snowflake and the next day Snowflake's sister Abby. That was the start of my life with kitties - lol. Only dogs up to then. I love them all and am so glad my crew are safe, warm and off those cruel streets. Love you. Nancy C.

  3. Your Buddy that you have a picture in this post looks just like Barney that you rescued from Niagra, who I called Tommy Boy. How is Barney doing in his new home? He has been with them now for almost 6 months.

  4. Yay, Buddy's adoption worked out! Thank God for answered prayers. Praying now for Parsley and Cuddles to go next.