Friday, January 15, 2016

January 15th! JUNE D. and FRIENDS!

CONGRATULATIONS! to JUNE D. and friends!!!  Thank you so much for helping me to feed the kitties out there today!  June's donation was dedicated to Maya and Kumari.  The kitties were all in full swing, and I was all set to take some pics of the ones that surround me daily, but the GD camera's battery went dead after the first snap.  Geeze.  Its always something.  At Parsells, one of the older kittens behind this house where I've sheltered for years, actually rolled over on his back for me this morning.  For close to a minute!  And the camera just died!  UUGGHGHGHGH!  Its moments like this that get me going...  :)  This Feed a Cat For Christmas campaign, thought of by this smart chick named Carrie, was so successful.  It will have helped me for a total of two months.  Not bad for a 12 month year.  :)  Again, thank you June for your generous donation toward my forty dollar a day habit.  :(

Its Friday, and I am thrilled.  Two whole days that i don't have to come to work.  BUT, I still get up each day at 3 am. to prepare myself physically, and mentally, to head out into the hood to feed a lot of cats.  This morning, at Baldwin and Grand, where the LUNATIC has been pushing a tote underneath the large tarped 'village' IN, and I then pull it out back to its original position, so that it doesn't block the entrance of another tote inside, she/he was at it again.  This is really annoying me.  DOES ANYONE HAVE A CAMERA THAT I COULD PLACE SECRETLY SOMEWHERE AND FILM THIS AREA FOR 24 HOURS???  I want to catch this culprit.  Please let me know.  I don't know what else to do.  I left notes for the two neighbors to call me, but no call.  Really upsets me to no end.

Kitties needing homes:(click on pics to see up close!)

Cuddlebug BUTTONS

CAMMY Sitting Up Straight



The weather was mild this morning.  We are supposed to get some nasty stuff this weekend, but I am prepared.  Sunday Sheryl has provided me with shelters and that is all I can do, besides feeding them, to make their lives a bit more comfortable.  I thank each and every one of you who has helped me throughout this crazy journey.  I just couldn't do it without your support, your kind words.  Thank you.

Have a great day!

Another blast from the past! :)

TUESDAY, JUNE 15, 2010

Small Gestures

This morning, when I pulled out of the driveway at 5:31 am. (after getting up at 4:55, letting the dog out, letting the 'I won't let you sleep because I am going to lay on top of you, play, or fight with someone' brood out of the guest bedroom, brush teeth, put face on, prep bag for the ride), I began my every day journey. Going to Pomodoro kitties where there are new kittens abound - shame on Preferred Plants!, then to Hayward Ave. where Freddie was there, but looking a little better, it takes the right moment for me to trap because I hate doing it (he is the sick one), then to 7th Street for the kitties that had their house knocked down and where Mama still hangs after having her kittens rescued by ASL Officer Lalka from the mattress, then onto Smokey #1, Blackie and Stripes on Central and Goodman, where they patiently awaited, and their shelter was still there!, and then onto 2nd Street where I saw the eight cats, some lolling about, a bit of food and water still there, and Thank God the bowls havent' been touched, I think there is kindness lurking somewhere about, then onto Benny and Whitey on Central. That Benny, he stands on his hind legs to greet me. He really needs a home! Then onto Hebard Street for Peanut and Whiskers, where they are there every morning, one inside the garage, and one out, then onto Niagara Street, where I haven't seen Sasha in a few days. Then the final spot - Wilburts, a kind Jamaican man whom I have befriended and allows me to use his lot to shelter and feed, on the corner of Bay and 1st Street, where the food was hardly touched, not sure if that is a good sign or bad sign. Oh, my point to the title of this posting! As I got out of my car at Wilburts on Bay, two police cars were pulling out of 1st street, and the second officer waived to me. Now, I can tell you that I have always had a 'thing' for cops! :) but after all these years, you wonder about their feelings towards people like me. Just rolled out of bed practically, do they think, 'crazy cat lady', or what do they think? I am very vain, and try not to be seen, but they do notice you, and once in a while stop with a puzzled look and you give them the pat answer 'just feeding the kitties!' and smile, and they drive away, probably shaking their heads. But its nice to be acknowledged like that, a small waive of the hand, as if to say, you are doing good! Now, off to 'start my day'! Happy Tuesday!!!!

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  1. Hi Janine, I have styrofoam boxes for you, also a bifold door and an old canvas tent if you can use any of this stuff. I will call you this wkend to see what you think. Thanks for your dedication to the kitties. You're the best!
    Kathy M.