Wednesday, January 27, 2016

January 27th! WANDA R.!!!

COMGRATULATIONS!  To Wanda R.!  Thank you so much for your kind and generous donation to the Feed a Cat for Christmas campaign.  So very kind.  What a great campaign that was too.  Thank you to Wanda's daughter Carrie, for being the mastermind of this.  I have enough to feed the cats until February 3.  And then its all up to me again.  I appreciate every single dollar raised to help me feed over 90 cats a day in the inner city - Beechwood section of Rochester to be exact. 

As I was walking back to the car from the back of the vacant lot on Seventh, after having filled three food dishes and a water bowl, I thought to myself 'I wish I could do this every OTHER day'.  What would it take?  Then I thought, maybe I could do it at some spots, but not all.  I would have to get very large containers for the food, overfill, and water bowls too, but in the winter, the water freezes.  The cats depend on water a great deal in the winter, and obviously the summer months too.  But let me tell you, what I wouldn't do to be able to stay in bed one morning.  Ugggh.  Heaven. 

Oh well, I continue to trudge along.  No sign of emaciated kitty on Parsells, but guess what.  The black and white cat with severe URI - I've been treating with Clavamox for over a week now, it must be getting the doses I am placing in the wet food for all SEVEN cats that I am sure are eating there, because kitty sounds and looks much better!  Great news on that end.  And the shelter is still there.  We had big winds yesterday and overnight, and I only  had to rearrange one shelter, on Short Street.  Most of the tarps stayed in place, and kept the inside of the shelters high and dry. 

7th Street

2nd Street
I did not see comments from a few posts back.  Cammy was TNR'd over the summer last year, I believe.  At one point in the fall, I tried to rescue him, but he got away from my grasp.  THAT was when I had someone to take him.  The offer was rescinded after a while (I attempted to get him several times after but he wouldn't get near me for quite a while after that).  SWEET kitty on Parsells - again, I can only rescue when I have room.  Right now, I have sick Buttons at home, and will have to take Cuddles back from the Hermie situation.  While I still have cats that need homes, I feel terribly guilty when I rescue another cat like its not fair to the fosters, or if I am fostering myself, its not fair to my cats (although the latter reason has not stopped me yet!).  Unless its a grave situation, like the tabby that is skin and bone, or the black and white kitty on Niagara that has a severe URI. Then I need to help them.

As far as placing a shelter IN the crevice between the two buildings on Niagara, the crevice is only wide enough for a very fat cat to get through.  I have not seen a shelter yet that is 7 inches wide.  But the plastic lined tote is still near there, with a kitty face cut out on the side of it, thanks to Scott and Mary!

As I have stated a million times, no exaggeration here - the City of Rochester should have looked at this problem of overpopulation of cats a long time ago and established a program of free TNR for all feral cats - we wouldn't have the problem we have if this were done years ago.  Not to mention, established feeding stations around the city for them.  I don't know if this is a far fetched idea, but I was reading up on what cities across the globe are doing.  I found this interesting.


  • Country of Italy (since 1991) - Since August 1991, feral cats have been protected throughout Italy, when a no kill policy was introduced for both cats and dogs. Feral cats have the right to live free and cannot be moved from their colony; cat caretakers can be formally registered; and TNR methods are outlined in the national law on the management of pets.[62]
  • Latium region, including Rome (since 1988) - Since 1988, killing feral cats has been illegal in the Latium Region, which includes Rome.[62]


  • Chong Pang (since 2011) - A designated feeding station was set up in October 2011: "The station is the first in Singapore and was set up jointly by the Sembawang-Nee Soon Town Council, National Environment Agency, Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Mutts and Mittens Foundation and Cat Welfare Society (CWS). About 40 such stations will be set up in the estate by the end of next month."[63]
  • St. John's Island (since 2010) - A team of volunteers from the Singapore Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals returned for the sixth time since 2010 to TNR about 40 cats.[64]

  • Toronto (mixed support) - City bylaws provide broad authorization for the city to operate a TNR program.[32] The city's comprehensive TNR program includes sterilization clinics and membership in the Toronto Feral Cat Coalition.[33][34] Free sterilization for feral cats is offered to people who attend a workshop and register their colony with Toronto Animal Services.[35] Free sterilization is also offered to low income cat owners.[36] Nevertheless, Toronto Animal Services reported euthanizing 228 cats for being feral in 2013, as well as 512 cats for behaviour/temperament issues, and 213 cats for being orphaned.[37] Toronto's mayor proclaimed a Feral Cat Awareness Day in 2013.[38]
  • Windsor (limited support) - Vouchers were given for discounted sterilization of 325 feral cats in 2014.[39][40] One TNR volunteer commented, “The city gives thousands of dollars to the humane society to kill cats every year,” he said. “If they gave that to one of our animal groups, we could solve this whole problem.”[41]

HOW TRUE - that last line.  If you want to read more, here is the link.

Have a good day.

"If we could all hear one another's prayers, God might be relieved of some of his burdens." 

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  1. It's fascinating to read about what other places around the world are doing to help feral cats. I know that Turkey (I think) has feeding stations for dogs, where you can recycle a bottle to release dog food into a tray, and shop owners feed the stray cats.