Thursday, January 7, 2016

January 7th! JOAN T!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to JOAN T!  Today, you helped to feed a ton of cats!  And in record time for a January morning - just within an hour.  Thank you so much Joan.  Your donation provided me to dole out over 32+ pounds of dry food, and well over a case of wet, all in one day. 

Buddy is coming back from foster care to my home this evening for an overnight stay.  There is a girl interested in adopting him and will meet him Saturday morning, so fingers crossed!  He also has to be seen at the vet for some issues he is having, but fingers crossed, meds can heal, and all will be good.

Parsley continues to run to me from under a porch on Parsells every morning, my heart breaking each time I see him.  I don't know why, but I am almost scared to rescue him.  I fear he may carry FIV and no one will want him.  And the last time I grabbed him and tried to shove him into a carrier, he skwirmed so bad he got away, and didn't trust me for weeks after that.  So I remain hesitant about this desperately needed rescue.  If someone stepped up to the plate and said "I'll take him!", now that would be a different story.

Again, an old post, but a good one! 

Thursday, December 20, 2012


We are expecting snow beginning tomorrow.  They say it will be a nasty storm.  As I went to my spots this morning, greeting each kitty and giving them their breakfast (and lunch and dinner), I made mental notes as to what I need to bring tomorrow.  At some spots, it will be more boards to tighten up and try to keep the snow out, some will be a tarp or plastic table cloth for the same purpose.  Maybe a little more straw for the inside of the plastic tote huts.

I place towels down under shelters only to replace wet ones after it rains, or moisture gets in, which isn't a lot of the time out of the year, but my purpose for this is for a tiny bit of comfort for these cats.  I know they are not insulators by any means, but under their feet, compared to the cold wet ground, I am sure its of some miniscule comfort for them.

I also place my shelters so that the openings are facing east, as I know most storms come from the West, but many still come from the South and the North.  Blizzards, it doesn't really matter!  I just have to dig out, replace, and pray they stay warm and dry for that day, until I come around and do it all over again the next day.  I've been doing this for years so I have become familiar with wind directions, etc.  My main objective is for these cats to have a dry, and warm place to bundle in during the storms.  Right now I am not fully equipped to give them that, but I am trying.  I can still use more shelters, if any of you know or have it in you to make a few.

After Jingle's departure to her new foster home last evening, which I could not bear to make the exchange myself - I've become so bonded with her, I decided I was going to rescue the next most neediest.  I got the grey Parsells boy this morning!  He is in the 'holding area' for today (bathroom), until I can socialize with him a little more.  I am hesitant with this one as he is hissing, and I am always fearful if they are not immediately sweet right off the bat.  He is not one of my lap sitters out there.  But he seemed like he was getting a cold or something, so I thought I should get him in.  Will keep you posted, and pictures to come.

A friend of mine that I used to work with, Elyse, sent me a note yesterday that really lifted my spirits.  I hope you enjoy the story as well!

"Janine, I have a heartwarming story for animal lovers, and you are the number one! My cousin, who is single, lives alone, and is like a sister to me, (plans to move here when she retires in 3 years or sooner if possible) has talked about someday having a dog. We have talked about sharing a family place in the ADKS and what kind of dog we would want for our family there. We have talked about this on and off for years. She recently had a break-in in her home and called me terrified that someone had been in her house. (She lives 300 miles away and I was the first person she called and she didn't really know where to go overnight because she didn't want to stay in the house.) Anyway, we have a "pack" of animals between us and my daughters here in Rochester ....cats and dogs, and my cousin loves them all. They are family to us! So last weekend we went to visit her because she needed some company following the break-in the prior weekend. We took one of our dogs along and had a fun Friday night in her home. Saturday we went to a quaint little town to shop and lunch. As we were walking we ran into a couple with an adorable dog wearing, none other than, a vest that said "ADOPT ME".

Clyde meeting his future Mom

We stopped to chat with the couple and my cousin bent to pet the dog and a passerby knocked her to the ground accidentally. The dog immediately nuzzled next to her and covered her with kisses. It was an instant bond and love at first sight. He was a boxer/lab mix, exactly the kind of dog she and I had talked about in our conversations. The couple gave her a card from the rescue organization (Lulu's rescue) and as we walked on we talked more and more about this beautiful 8 month old pup, Clyde. We talked about how she really wants and needs a companion and how she wants to get her work life into balance (she has the ability to work from home) and wants motivation to stay on track with walking and exercising and how Clyde could be just the perfect companion. Well....she applied and was accepted and she and Clyde are today, right now, bonding! He has his forever home and she has her beloved companion! When the foster left him at her house, he jumped into my cousin's lap and snuggled close to her. Then he took a nap, comfy in his new home.

Clyde going for a ride with new Mom!

Next she took him for a ride in her VW Bug, and they went to a nice place to take a long walk. I have not seen her this excited and happy ever! This is the start of a wonderful friendship and a great success story for this awesome rescue organization.

Clyde at his new home

I thought of you because I knew you would love the story. My daughters and I have shed happy tears about it! Such a great holiday story! Clyde is home in his forever home for the holidays!  Merry Christmas, Janine! Love ya! "
“The Seven Social Sins are:

Wealth without work.
Pleasure without conscience.
Knowledge without character.
Commerce without morality.
Science without humanity.
Worship without sacrifice.
Politics without principle."


  1. FIV+ possibility in case Parseley did test FIV+ and you couldnt find anyone else to take him. They have a great shelter and a really nice large room facility just for FIV + cats. They are over towards Buffalo. Worth checking with them to see what future possibilities might be as far as space/openings.

  2. Aw, great story about Clyde getting his forever home! I'd forgotten that one. :)

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for Buddy! He has the sweetest face. Is he as mellow as he looks? What's going on with his health problems? :(