Tuesday, January 12, 2016

January 12th! Linda F!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to LINDA F!!!!  With your donation, you helped me to feed the kitties out there this morning.  And they were all waiting, for sure.  After yesterday's windstorm, I had to collect their bowls that had scattered around, and replace others that were missing.  Tarps managed to stay down after I placed more rocks and heavy stuff that I could find yesterday morning.  We must have had wind gusts up to 50-60 mph yesterday - it was crazy!  Thank yo again Linda, I appreciate your kindness, as I do each and every one of you that has donated to this cause.  I have enough to feed each day up until the end of this month.  I must be insane because it truly does cost $40 a day to feed all the cats that I do.  I go through 32+ pounds of dry food (they don't like the REALLY cheap - Barn Cat, etc. which is under $10 - I know, spoiled, right???), and 40+ cans of wet food EVERY DAY.  I just don't know how I do it, or how I've done it.  But while there are still hungry bellies out there each day, how can I turn my back?

Its another 19 degree morning, the wind has calmed, and its snowing.  We are expecting maybe a total of three inches today here in Monroe County.  I am dreading the day we get a shoveable amount of snow.  Thank God I am young (39) and healthy!  :)  I can still swing a mean shovel.  I shovel a path in my back yard each day of winter for the birds - to the heated birdbath and to the feeder.  Its like a maze from the shining.  That's what its looked like at many of my locations in the wintertime for the cats too.  I've seen cats jumping in the air trying to get from wherever they were, to the shelter where the food is because the snow was so high.  So I try to make it easier by clearing a path for them.  But its exhausting.  By the time I get home in weather like that, its two to two and half hours later since the time I left the house.  And then its on to the full time job.  No wonder I am half dead at 3 pm every day.

Post from January 2011 - from when I had my dog Thunder:

Thunder and Scooter!~


Life is a Zoo in a Jungle

Love that phrase. Its true too! This morning was as usual a cold one. I woke to the sound of one of my darling sweet cats scratching with his razor sharp claws on a chair in my room. I could literally kill a cat when they do that. No, I couldn't REALLY kill a cat, but I could have easily have thrown a dish of water on it if I had one handy. This has been happening each morning now. Its like one of them is saying, if you don't get up and out of bed now to feed me, I will ruin your furniture. I am still trying to figure out which cat it is, because it is dark still, and when I get up as if to go clobber him/her, it scrambles down the stairs as if I am getting up and it needs to be the first one at the bowls. And then of course there is Thunder the Wonder Dog from Down Under. I swear that dog can hear my legs swing over the side of my bed every single morning. And I try to be as quiet with my swinging as I can. Besides, how much noise does that make? None! But there he is, letting out the loudest, oddest noise you can imagine. You would think he was being tortured, and if you were walking outside at that time - 4 a.m. every morning, you would think he actually is being tortured. Such an odd boy. He is just so excited to start the morning! He needs his food and then his walkie, and he is good to go. These animals are amazing.

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  1. Aww, sweet Thunder! :) Charley will scratch furniture only when he wants something. Pumpkin chews on power cords when he's hungry, especially my laptop charger cord. Aren't they just the cutest things? :P