Wednesday, January 6, 2016

January 6th! Mary C!

CONGRATULATIONS to Mary C!  Today, you helped me feed a LOT of kitties.  Thank goodness the weather was rather mild, albeit 15 degrees FAHRENHEIT.  I say that because I have some readers across the ponds that do the Celsius thing.  I've never met Mary - she has heard about me through this blog, but she has a good heart to help out with this successful holiday campaign.  Like so many others.  I received my last donation this weekend by a young kid, who I will feature on his day, but that won't be until the last day of January.  From that point on, its back to purchasing the food myself to feed these hungry kitties.

I am in the process of trying to establish myself as tax exempt.  Hoping it will help financially, somewhat. 

Thank you for the comment yesterday about the suggestion of contacting the Gay Alliance for Julius.  IF I ever see him again.  I hope not, because it will mean he is back out on the streets, hustling.  Maybe I can contact them myself and ask if something can be done to help him, and have that information for him in case I do see him.

Many a times I find myself stammering for something to write about that is new, and exciting.  Today is one of those days so I am scanning through old posts to copy and paste here.  Hope you enjoy.

This post is from a year ago February 13th.  I post this in honor of Sunday Sheryl, the girl that goes consistently with me on Sundays for the past two years, dropped off a shelter to me last night.  This was after she showed up late last Sunday, and came shelter less.  I was 'perturbed' because not only was she late (I am extremely punctual), but she had shown up without much needed shelters for me after I had given her several totes and Styrofoam to turn into shelters previously.  I had to remind myself that this girl is doing me a favor in many respects, and I reminded myself of how valuable her friendship is to me!  :)  So --- cheers Sheryl!


Fluffy Pants!

Yes, its damn cold out today.  By the 16th location, an hour and a half after I left the house, my legs were ice cold.  Halfway through, I almost cried my hands were in such pain.  I had one glove on - because its hard with two because you wind up getting the right one wet from wiping off snow, pouring water, moving boards, etc.   I sat in the car and had to wrap a towel around my hand, and then place on my neck - I now know what its like to get frostbite.  Any longer, my hand would have been numb, then frozen.  Seriously.  Wasn't it minus 7 just a month ago?  I don't remember it being as cold as it was then as it is today.  It is 2 degrees, and snowing.  But the usual were waiting for me.  Frozen.  I told them to hang on, it would be over soon.

One good thing that came out of this morning?  I rescued Fluffy Pants!  He is going to a foster this morning, in exchange for Sawyer.  Fluffy came running to me from under a car as I pulled up to his spot.  He was a willing participant as I picked him up and placed him in the carrier.  

FYI - Sawyer is going to his new home on Saturday!

Sawyer - Striking a Pose

From a fan.  :)  Sunday Sheryl:

"I was going to comment on your blog about me (from the other day) and just write “Bitch!” ...just to see if anyone got our humor!  But I can’t remember my Google password and it doesn’t auto-fill here at work.

Next time you mention me though, how about writing the good stuff that you always tell me…
  • How I listen well and learned to follow your (albeit somewhat insane) rules  -hehehe
  • That you wouldn’t know what you’d do without my extra “arms” every week to place boards and stuff,
  • That I make shelters “on demand"
  • and that I bring a bag of food and cans every Sunday (even though you say “You don’t have to do that!” every Sunday),
  • and that I have challenged others to do the same, offering to pick up the donations personally.
  • Or I’m a Bitch, but pretty… LOL
  • And a Scrabble snob who loves wine!
I love you, Janine. You rock."

So there you have it.  I couldn't have said it any better Sheryl!  :)  SHE rocks.  Thanks for being so faithful!

I wish everyone a safe, warm and happy day!

Think spring!!!


  1. I love you too, J. After two years you should know by now, I am NOT a punctual person. My track record of being late maybe 3-4 times in two years is quite literally "un-F'n-believable." Although I've made 4 shelters since Sunday, I can't take the credit for the one left at your house. Some other good samaritan left it for you. But I did give you that big board! It was fitting that the old post featured Fluffy Pants. He is SO one of my favorites. But the very best cat ever rescued was from Baldwin... my Fraser. (Everyone loves Fazy). -Sheryl

  2. Mr. FluffyPants may be THE most spoiled cat alive now. He lives with my friend Sue who dotes on him night and day. A VERY VERY happy ending. :)

    1. Please get a new photo and either you or Sue publish it on Janine's FB page. I'd love to see that fuzzy man again! -Sheryl

  3. Thank you Sunday Sheryl - I rode with Janine a couple of times and had to sleep half the day when I got home; I was physically and emotionally drained (not to mention I had one more kitty!). You're such a HUGE help to Janine and we all love you and appreciate what you do to make her quest alittle easier. Nancy C.

  4. Sheryl,

    Had the honor of meeting you a few years back on Central and 3rd I believe it was a Sunday. As usual you were helping Janine and if my memory serves me correctly you and I were in the dumpster diving for Janine's discarded property. Meanwhile, Janine and my wife Karon were catching up I guess. So don't pick on Sheryl Janine because you know she is one hell of a helper! Thank you Sheryl for being so committed to helping (Cat Angel) help the Kitties. You are AWESOME also and the Kitties love and appreciate you for all you do for them.

    Walt Simoni