Thursday, January 21, 2016

January 21!!!!! LYNNE S.!!!!!

Woo hoo!  CONGRATULATIONS to Lynne S. (mother of Sawyer, grandmother of Domino - two kitties adopted from me)!!!!  You are the star of the day, in mine and many cats in the Beechwood section of the City of Rochester.  Thanks for your donation to the Feed a Cat for Christmas (and beyond!) which helped me to feed over 90 kitties - for a day. 

They were all out in full swing, dodging the snow, but hungry enough to trudge through it to get to the bowls overflowing with food.  They are SO hungry each morning, and so happy to chow down on the delicious wet, warm food I give them.  I have found that the shredded canned food works best because there have been days where the pate type food will actually harden due to it being so cold out.  I have to set the containers in the snow while I do other things when I am at each shelter, and it adds to the hardening process.  The shredded stuff doesn't freeze as fast, and is much easier to pour.

These fellas below all need permanent adopters:






I was unsuccessful at grabbing the sick little fellow on Niagara.  I pulled into the complex, first spotting a tabby eating something out of the trash receptacle there.  I grabbed the food, water, bowls and carrier and walked over to the crevice where I placed the food down yesterday.  There was sick boy, waiting for me.  But he wouldn't get close enough for me to grab him.  I would normally begin to place medicine in their food bowls, but there are so many cats, I can't be sure if the sick one is getting the medicine.  Clavamox.  I will try again tomorrow.  I really hesitate to rescue another cat due to having three cats unadopted thus far - Cammy, Hermie and Murphy/Simba - wait, and Buttons and Cuddles too!  - but knowing a cat is sick and living outside, in a crevice no less, I just can't turn my back.  I will keep trying.  This is why its so important to foster and adopt these sweet babies.  

These fellas below need fostering so that I can rescue them off the streets:


All animal rescuers share one common goal — find a loving home for as many pets as possible.   But sometimes before that happens, fostering is necessary.  It is so important to me  because fostering helps me to rescue these deserving animals off the streets and be cared for until they are adopted.   Living life on the streets is not an easy life for these cats.  Some cats are sick with upper respiratory issues, which many many do, and you may have to give them medicine.  Some require more socialization before joining families with multiple pets.  For those of you that are on the fence about adopting — maybe you don’t know how your dog or other cat will react to a new cat —fostering is the best way to go.  Word of mouth and this blog has been my most powerful tool to recruit fosters, but social media like Facebook has been a saving grace.   Bottom line is, you are saving a life by helping an animal get off the street, an animal that was dumped by some human most likely.  And fostering increases that cat’s chances at adoption.  You will be the first to discover its personality once they lose their initial fear.   It's tremendously fulfilling knowing  you’ve helped an animal through a difficult period in their lives.    So spread the word, open up your spare room, think about it.  There are a few out there that need our help, now.  Check out the pictures from yesterday.  There are just too many. 

Please spread the word.  Thanks for listening.

"Each and every day of your life make a conscious effort to perform an act of kindness.   By doing so you can make a difference."

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  1. Interesting tip about the shredded food. I'll have to remind Grandma to see if it comes in the big cans.
    My heart breaks in this weather, more than usual, for the cats outside. Thank God they have you and your followers to make them shelters and provide food and water!