Tuesday, January 26, 2016

January 26th! RALPH!

CONGRATULATIONS to RALPH!  With your kind donation, you helped to feed a ton of cats this morning.  I was out in full regalia shuffling the streets of Rochester.  There is a lot of black ice out there folks, be careful!  Its balmy, in the 30s, but cold enough to freeze the water on the streets.  But I made it without slipping or falling, which is rare, as some of you know (I am a total klutz).  Ralph, you are the bomb. 

Each morning I have been hoping to catch the cat on Parsells that is skin and bone, in hopes of getting it to the clinic to be tested.  It did not look well on Friday or Saturday when it walked up on the porch as I was pouring food.  I haven't seen it since.  I am still going inside the apartment complex and feeding and pilling all those cats.  In response to Kristin's comment yesterday, the way the story goes, that I know of, is this:  Habitat for Cats did some trapping last year after mine and another girl who was helping to feed there pleaded for help.  There were way over 20 cats inside this gated complex.  I trapped many across the street, where I've built a small shelters for them (that they will not cross the street for), and even got a kitten through the fence into a kitten trap.  (I can't remember which kitten this was, but its someone's lover boy right now but I can't remember!) - (wait!  Its NOODLES!!!  :)  Noodles was adopted by Gary and June).  HFC wound up speaking to management because they were being threatened to leave the property.  Apparently management allowed them to trap, but that was it!  Remember, this is the place where the security guard came out once and demanded I stop feeding the cats under the fence.  So for now, it is not a cat friendly place as far as I know.  The shelter is still next to the couch.  I fed kitties and plopped Clavamox into their food again.  I think black and white sick kitty is sounding a bit better.  Not sure.  I can grab kitty if I had a place for him.

Noodles, is he not as cute as a button?

Buttons was sent home with famcyclovir???  and advised to continue the Clavamox I had already been giving her.  Even though I have been giving her a dose every eight hours for four days at least, this is what they advised.  But she is elusive and hard to pill.  And still sick.

Cuddles and Hermie are not making progress. I will need to get Cuddles out of there because she is not eating - day three.  I need to find Cuddles a foster place.  Hermie's foster mom, even though she has made great progress with him, is still trying to figure out what might work for him to lighten up a bit.  She believes he MIGHT be better off in a barn situation, although I hate the thought of putting a sweet animal, just because its scared, back out into the elements.  I am not sure what to do here. 

Then there is Cammy - fostered by Karen - Cammy is extremely overweight right now, and showing aggression towards his foster sibs.  I would love to find Cammy his own home. 


Have a great day all!

"All the world is full of suffering;
it is also full of overcoming."


  1. Famcyclovir is an antiviral. Clavamox is an antibiotic. Vet added antiviral in in case URI is viral which most are, but wanted you to continue with clavamox in case there is a bacterial element to this cats illness.

  2. Is anyone trying feliway diffusers in Hermie or Cammies situations? Should help with stress, fear and aggression.

  3. I just wanted to add that although Cammie isn't keen on SOME of his siblings, he is fine with others and a total loverboy with people!! :)