Monday, January 18, 2016

January 16, January 17, January 18!!! Karen F., Jenifer Z., Mary and Scott C!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!  Thank you Karen F. for helping me to feed the kitties on Saturday, a very wet and rainy morning. I was soaked to the bone, but the kitties were pretty much high and dry under their shelters.  It rained steadily overnight and through my 'shift'.  Thank you Jenifer Z. for helping me to feed the kitties with your donation on Sunday morning!  It was ccccccccold.    But nothing like this morning, so thank you Mary and Scott for helping me feed today!  Actually, their donation was made on behalf of Mary, Rudy, Spook, Abbey, Pip, Emmett, Gracie and Midnight, their kitties!  Thank you also for the shelters you delivered yesterday.  Scott, you are one talented guy!  And thank you again for adopting Emmett and Pip!  :)


Well, I did it again.  Meet Cuddles.  I rescued Cuddles this morning from Central and Third because a) she doesn't deserve to live under a porch next door, and b) the girl that adopted Buddy expressed a desire to adopt another - a female to be exact - so that Buddy could have a buddy.  Cuddles will go to the clinic today for testing, and hopefully will be good to go!  This girl did not give me the thumbs up on Cuddles, but when I pulled up there this morning, and as she ran to me in the almost two inches of snow that fell overnight, and the 13 degree weather, I just had to scoop her up.  My heart breaks for each and every one of them. 

There is a red fluffy cat that was waiting for me at Central and Fifth, second morning in a row.  I tried to coax it to the back of the field where the shelters are, but it wouldn't.  So I got out a rug from the truck, and placed it against the side of a house there, and laid it down along with a bowl of water and bowl of food.  The rug was to protect the poor animal's feet as it stood there to eat.  Its really really cold out this morning.  Same thing with the cats on Niagara inside the fenced in apartment complex.  The gate has been open for some reason the past week, so I drove in there this morning and placed the bowls near the crack in the two buildings where I suspect these cats 'live'.   When there is snow, its hard to slide the food dishes under the fence by the road.  And of course Parsley and his pals on Parsells (say that three times really fast) - :)  who run to me when I pull up.  These are the heartbreaking realities I see each day.

But on to good things! 

I went to visit Hermie on Sunday.  What a sweet little boy he is.  Hermie is the cat that over the spring/summer, Laura had tried to trap many a times on Ferndale and Webster, due to the baseball sized hernia hanging from his belly.  I has been unsuccessful after many attempts, and Laura also had some issues, mainly with CRAZY MARYLEIGH hanging around, kicking down her drop trap, and basically being a nuisance.  But finally, Hermie was trapped, brought to the clinic for the surgery, neutered, and went to a foster home.  From that point on, he was reclusive and hid from his foster.  At one point she had to give up as she was fostering other animals and had to focus on them.  Hermie then was transferred to a friend who is known as the Cat Whisperer in many circles.  She has a large cage in her condo, where the cat inside can see all the comings and goings.  She uses a leash connected to a collar which Hermie has on, and has been able to hold him and clip his nails!  Hermie is a love, he purrs, and is very gentle, but is frightened of movement, and noise.  Hermie needs a home where his human will give him time and attention and patience! Please spread the word about Hermie.  He is SUCH a love.

So now we have Murphy/Simba, Buttons, Hermie and Cuddles all ready for loving permanent homes. Please spread the word about these gentle creatures that fought so hard to be loved by someone, finally.

Have a great day!

"Know that the same spark of life that is within you, is within all of our animal friends, the desire to live is the same within all of us..."

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  1. Glad you were able to scoop up Cuddles. She was ready to get inside! Hope the situation works out so she can live with Buddy.