Wednesday, January 20, 2016

January 20th! BESS P!

Congratulations to Bess P.!!!  Thank you Bess, for your generous donation to the Feed a Cat for Christmas campaign.  I fed a lot of kitties this morning WITH YOUR HELP!  It was not easy this morning getting up at 3 am.  I never really is, but I did it and do it every single day.  I round it off to 3, but the time is actually 2:45.  Its no wonder I am exhausted by 3 PM.

It was a quiet, brisk morning, and they were all in full swing.   Someone else tried to help feed at one of the locations, and it was that LUNATIC, whoever he or she is.  At Grand and Baldwin, this person placed a plate of what looked like ground meat, with KETCHUP covering it!  Ketchup.  Good Lord.  I know its good intention?  Unless they are trying to poison.  Didn't think of that.  Not sure what is up with that - someone offered a video camera, I just have to figure out where to place it so that its easily enough for me to take down and figure out how to view, but hard for someone else to spot and steal.  Thank you again Bess.  I appreciate it more than you know.  Someone suggested to get a Valentine's Day campaign going.  I like that!  I was never much into Valentine's day, not much of the romantic type, but the kitties love that day!  :) So maybe something to think about, the month of February?  I already have February 1st covered. 

I swear to God I just love you guys.  Those of you that read, and comment.  It makes my morning when I log in to write a new post and look at yesterdays comments.  I love that you all wrote about your own experiences with black cats.  I love that you take the time to comment, period.  It makes my day, seriously.  Thank you thank you thank you.  Good or bad, comment!  :)

Here are some pics that were taken this morning, some with a bit of commentary.  Its heartbreaking to leave these guys behind, really it is.  But the more you share with the world, the more cats can be saved.  Please help to spread the word. 

Grey Kitty on Melville

Shelters I've replaced after the good ones trashed - Melville

My Poor Parsley - Parsells

Petey - Parsells

Unnamed SWEET kitty I've been feeding for a year now - PARSELLS

Petey waiting for me to put food and fresh water down

Parsells Shelter behind house

Petey and Little Black girl kitten

Another Black kitty behind house on Parsells

Short Street

Mr. Whiskers #2 - Short Street

Buttons Brother - Short Street

Buttons Brother and Mr. Whiskers #2 - Short Street

New Kitty hanging around Short Street

Milly - Short Street

Niagara Cats

SWEET Niagara Cat - behind him is where these cats live - in a crevice
between two buildings

The Crevice

Niagara Kitty - he has a severe URI

The gate has been opened for several weeks in this private apartment complex on Niagara Street.  Due to the snow, and not being able to slide dishes under the fence surrounding the property, I have been placing the food right next to the crevice in which these cats 'live', between the buildings.  The kitty above has a severe upper respiratory infection.  I pray I can find this guy a home.  He is friendly.  Help me to get him off the street and some medical treatment.

Have a good day.

"Learn from yesterday,
Live for today,
Hope for tomorrow."


  1. My heart is so heavy looking at this darling faces. Goes without saying I'll do whatever I can to help you. HUGS!

  2. I agree with Carol - looking at their sweet faces breaks my heart . I just wish we could scoop them all up today and get them out of there. I am SO thankful to you for doing what you do every single day for these sweet, innocent, deserving little souls. -Kristin

  3. GREY KITTY on Mellville looks really pregnant in that first picture. Is she???
    Can you put a temporary shelter or two near the crevice too? On Niagara St?
    SWEET kitty on Parsells has such a dollface! Seems she wiuld be adopted quickly!

  4. Didnt Parseley on Parsells get combo tested in order to go to a foster home just recently? He's back on the street? Different cat?