Monday, January 4, 2016

January 2 - KRISTEN K.!! January 3 - MAURA H.!! January 4 - TRISH! :)

CONGRATULATIONS Girls!  Kristen, you helped feed the kitties on Saturday, Maura, you helped feed the kitties on Sunday, and Trishy, you helped today!  And what a day it was!  SNOW.  YUCK.  I love snow, but its not fun for the cats.  Thank God the wind was not blowing too bad, or their stuff would have been covered in snow.  Inside the 'good' shelters I have, things were dry, yet cold.  The cats were waiting for me, but a majority of the regulars were not.  I don't know if its the cold, the snow, or both, but each spot was sparse.  Especially Melville. 


Look who we have here.  He went from being thrown out on the streets early this past year, to surviving the entire year outdoors, to this.  MY FIRST RESCUE OF 2016!!!  Meet Murphy!  Murphy was formerly known as MEL, and was TNR'd (trapped, neutered and returned to the streets) in June last year on Melville Street.  Thank God I keep this blog as it is my journal to all my rescues.  I can do a search on here and find just about anything since 2008 when I began this blog.  Can you imagine, eight years already.  Eight years of dribble five days a week.  :)  I think this is when I first discovered the internet!  :)

After Sunday morning, when I rescued Murphy, there are still two adults and two older kittens left here. 

Someone came along on NY Eve day and removed all the beautiful shelters I had here underneath the carport of this vacant house.  I am trying to find out who removed this at 418 Melville Street.  I need to find out if it is now city owned, or privately owned.  I asked my cop friend to see if she can find out.  I WANT MY SHELTERS BACK.  I have a feeling its the work of 'Gladys Kravitz', the nosy woman across the street, who may have placed a call to the city to complain about cat shelters across the street from  her (but is this against city codes, rules?).  I was given this information by the kind woman Heidi, who lives next store, who found my note I had left her that morning, and called me.  We talked for a long while, trying to figure out what could have happened to the shelters.  She did not see anything, but was telling me about the neighbors around her.  I drove over there during the day and knocked on a family's door that lives across the street, to see if they knew anything, I was told they park their cars there in the vacant driveway.  The Spanish speaking family - the mother to be exact, had her son interpret, and they also confirmed that maybe the lady a few houses down called someone.  The son mentioned he saw a truck come by the previous morning (after I had left).  I really want to get to the bottom of this.  Bastards (sorry Grandma Berry).  What an evil thing to do, even it is was your job to do.  But I want those precious shelters back.  I have no other shelter to replace there.  I am shelterless - those cats are shelterless.

Some good news:  One of the four kittens trapped from Melville - two have been 'adopted', one being Magoo, I received Magoo's pic from his new mom.  He is acclimating very well considering he was born on the streets and became feral.  Here he is with his sibs.

MAGOO  (bottom right)
I received a note from Violet (and Nora's) new mom, and she reports that Violet was 'caught' eating hard food!  :)  Lets hope this is a step toward a long and healthy life for Violet as she discovers new food.

Have to end this.  I am fresh out of words today.  Have a good one.

"If nothing ever changed, there would be
no butterflies."


  1. Anyone can check city property information including owner.
    Property is still locally owned. Judith Zysman, 174 Rosedale St, Rochester NY 14620
    Looks to me like this might be a new owner since a lot of taxes were paid and caught up on a few months ago in july.

  2. Ugh! I hope you get the shelters back and someone just returns them!

  3. what about the woman you spoke with for quite a while..will she let you put a few on her lot?

  4. They would have to get stolen just before the coldest nights of the year so far. >:(

    Magoo looks like he's happy in his new home and I'm thrilled that Violet is interested in eating regular food! She and her mother Nora are such sweethearts.