Thursday, January 14, 2016

January 14th!! THE GRIFFINS!

CONGRATULATIONS! to THE GRIFFINS!  Thank you for contributing to the Feed a Cat for Christmas campaign!  Today, you fed well over 90 cats.  I appreciate your help so much.  I just can't continue to do what I do without it.  Really.  Its gotten bigger and bigger each year, the amount of cats I feed.  I always thought with the spay and neuter of average of 50 cats per year, those numbers would dwindle.  But the way the cat population grows without spay and neuter, its no wonder there are so many new cats out there.  By the way, The Griffins adopted Harold and Squirt from me. :)

It was not a great morning for me.  It started with seeing the kitties I want to rescue - PARSLEY - CUDDLES - and then stepping on a nail on a board that I use to block wind for a lean to on Grand and Baldwin.  The nail went right through my practically new snow boots I purchased last year.  After I did that, I discovered WHY I stepped on the nail - the board was down on the ground when I got there, and snow covered, so I turned it around so that when I placed it back upright, the snow wouldn't fall into the 'sheltered' spot under the lean-to - but I stepped on the board first. BAM, right through the boot, just before it hit my foot.  I discovered the LUNATIC was back and messing with the shelters underneath the little village I've built there.  This LUNATIC keeps pushing one of the totes IN, so that it blocks the entrance to another tote inside.  I left there totally irritated.  I know, the small things I shouldn't let get to me, but they do sometimes.

It was 15 degrees out, but no wind, which was wonderful, but we also had an inch or two overnight of new snow.  My gloves - knit - get wet after a while, so I removed the right handed one, and after getting in and out, pouring water, etc., at one point, I had to sit in the car and thaw out my fingers.  Terrible terrible pain.  At that location where I froze my fingers off, as I had just finished pouring food and water behind Paul's house, I heard a faint cry, and it sounded like a kitten.  I listened, and listened, and then shined the flashlight under the neighbors car and saw two sets of eyes, but I am not sure what cat it was.  There is a older girl tabby there that I have been feeding for years, and the older black kitten with the head tilt that I TNR'd a few months ago.  But I've not seen many others there since.  I do know I never had the calico I had seen there months ago neutered, she just wouldn't fall for the trap I placed there.  God only knows if she delivered and there are babies.  Although no sign of her in over a month.

That's my morning.  Here is another blast from the past:

January 24, 2014

Check it and see, gotta fever of 103...  Foreigner - Lou Gramm - Rochester's very own...  Love that song.  I am not going to lie to you.  Its terrible out there.  My heart sinks for every single cat that came out to me today, and the ones lurking in the shadows, standing there in the snow, waiting for me to leave.  I sometimes lose readers here because of how sad this is, who needs to be reminded of this, right?  But you know what, its ME that's going out there and relieving some of their suffering, and aren't you glad to know that?  There is always good with the bad.  Remember this.

Its Friday, thank God (the only thing I get a break from is my job for two days).  There are so many I want to rescue, but I can't with the surplus I have on hand right now.  I was thinking this morning, adopting a cat is like adopting a child.  Children are adopted at all ages.  The older ones have issues, no doubt.  And the angels that adopt these older children DEAL with their issues, they take the time, they have the patience to work it through with these desperate children.  They need to feel trusted and loved and that takes time.  Trust is earned.  Its the same for an adult cat.  People are too quick to give up.  Its not fair.  Each of my cats have their own issues, but I am not giving up on them.  Including the ones that I have just rescued off the street.  They are in completely new environments, with completely new humans and furry siblings.  Its all new.  So please, if you adopt a cat from me, please be patient.  It will work out, I promise you.  You just have to get through it.

Updates on most recent rescues:

Fraser, the little red kitty I rescued Sunday morning, who is being fostered by Sunday Sheryl, is coming out of his shell slowly.  Its been determined that a) its an unneutered boy, and b) the patches of fur missing are most likely due to him going in and out of the tiny opening of one of the bin shelters he'd been using on Baldwin.  Here is what Sheryl has to say:

"He didn't hide this morning, just timid. After eating he came to my feet under the computer desk.  :) Really adorable cat."

"He's getting easier to coax out for petting. Gave him tuna tonight. He'd never seen it before. Didn't eat it, just sat next to the bowl. I started petting him and he turned around and started eating like crazy while I pet him. So cute! And he plays! Last night I heard a toy being played with. He followed the laser beam tonight and batted and grabbed stuffed feather mouse when I dangled it."

Teddy (Sargent), the kitty I rescued a couple of weeks ago on Parsells with the rodent ulcer, his foster Mom reports:  "He's doing great.  He's had the run of the house most of the day today.  No cat food today ... all chicken.  He's starting to pretty up ... his lip looks better and his fur is getting healthier and silkier looking.  He's getting the fish oil every day.  I bought him a scratching thing today.  Did you notice that one of his front fangs was broken in half?  

You can see his new tag in one of the pictures.  It has my information and on the back it says "I am an indoor cat, Call Gail", but like I said before, he doesn't seem to have any interest in going outside.

Tell your niece I'm sorry, but I have been calling him Teddy.  Sargent just seemed too tough for him, he's more of a teddy bear.  But for consistency, you might want to continue to call him Sargent on your blog.  I'm sure if someone adopted him, they would change his name again anyway."

Larry, the kitty that Wally was not taking very good care of, who has been being fostered by my niece with three young children:  "Larry aka Bubby is doibng very good he's used to my crutches has been sleeping regularly he's taken turns on everyone's pillows and every couch cushion.  He for sure is a bed hog.  But we all love it!"

Abby, who was just spayed - her Mom says:  

"This morning was a first….all 3 cats were in the kitchen @ breakfast time.  Sam continues to be unphased by Miss Abby’s presence.  (I love that old boy.)  As for Andy, he is still sorting through control issues.  He continues to hiss at Abby each time he sees her.  I have to laugh…Abby just looks him straight in the eyes as if to say, ‘get over yourself, big boy.  You can be the boss, I don’t care.  I just want something to eat.’   I would have never guessed we’d have such a good adjustment."

"Before the day gets away from me here are a few cute stories about Abby…I told you that she was getting braver and braver each day, well she went exploring in the crevices of my basement (at least I HOPE that’s where it was).  I saw her in the hallway and her face was covered in cobwebs.  She was trying her best to swat them off.  If you could have seen her expression….

Best one yet…..Scotchie (dog) was outside and Abby wandered down the hall to the back door.  I watch all my cats like a hawk around doors because as we all know, the outside is not a friendly place for cats.  Anyway, she goes to the back door and stands up with her paws on the glass and starts looking around.  All of a sudden Scotchie appears….Abby ducked so fast and was hiding behind the aluminum bottom of the door. The arch on her back was so high you could almost see it through the glass.  I almost wet my pants laughing so hard.  (Progress update…she now walks by him when he is sleeping.)"

"Captain Nasty, as Mike has named Andy, still hisses at her when he sees her.  She just shrinks and walks away – not confrontational at all.  It’s not the all-out “I’m going to kill you hiss,” more like a “just understand I’m the boss hiss.”  Sam doesn’t seem to mind one way or another.  Nobody is BFF just yet, but they are learning to play well in the litter box.  She is a love!"  

Gordie - well, Gordie is with me until his forever home, and he is the cutest little guy in the world.  Grey cats are just wonderful.  Although Gordie is on the younger side, and driving all my seniors crazy with his 'I wanna play!' catitude!  :)

Its just so wonderful to know these precious animals that should never have been on the streeets to begin with are safe and sound.

I reach out to my other most recent adopters - Charlie Sr. (now named Harley), Winky (now named Zoey), Monet, Cricket, Luigi,  Rupert, Molly, Cheddar, Penny Lane and Sgt. Pepper, Bobby and Charlie Jr., Pumpkin and Magic, Harold, etc. for updates.

Have a great weekend! 

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