Monday, January 25, 2016

January 23, 24 & 25!!! Walt & Karon, Carrie P. & Cheryl W.!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to the three of you!  This weekend, and this morning, you helped me feed some very hungry and cold kitties.  Walt and Karon's donation to the Feed a Cat for Christmas campaign was made in memory of Kathy Rivera, a very active member of the cat saving community.  Kathy is sorely missed not only by her family and friends, but by the cats she cared for.  Carrie's donation was made on behalf of her mom. Thanks Carrie's Mom!  And thank you Cheryl W.  You all have been such wonderful support for me.  Thank you so much~!

Today was a very balmy 28 degrees in comparison to a bitter cold weekend.  I placed a shelter at the Niagara location, next to a couch near the trash, and its remained there for two days now.  I also discovered that the cats that are dwelling in the crevice between two buildings actually SCALE the wall there.  I looked up to see the sick black and white kitty walking straight down from a hole up above one of the walls.  He was desperate for the food and water he was about to receive from me.  I have been pilling the food dishes with a half of a Clavamox in hopes that the sick black and white kitty will eat one each day.  There are SEVEN cats there.  God help them all.  I did notice Sunday morning that they had used the shelter because of the footprints in the snow in front of the opening. 

Buttons - click on pic to zoom in!
Speaking of sick, Buttons, the rescue I have in my house, is very sick with something.  An upper respiratory, or something.  He makes this noise constantly, and can barely breathe from his nose.  I had started him on Clavamox when I heard this noise last week, every eight hours or so, but its gotten worse, so obviously the Clavamox is not working.  Off to a vet he goes ASAP today.  Poor thing.

I also had been feeding, Friday and Saturday morning, a rail thin tabby on my first Parsells stop.  He would come right up to me both mornings.  No ear tip.  Skin and bone.  I had every intention on rescuing him Sunday morning and getting him to the vets today to be tested, as he looks very sick, but he was not there yesterday, nor this morning.  Poor baby.  I pray he is ok. 

On a GREAT note, Murphy has been adopted.  Murphy goes to a home where he will have three female sisters, all of which I rescued and adopted out.  I am waiting for an update from his new mom.  I am forever grateful to his foster family, who opened their hearts to him.  UPDATE from new Mom:

"Murphy is an absolute sweetheart.  Both Mike and I agree we have never had a cat as lovey-dovey as he is.  His appetite is good and there are no problems with his plumbing. J

He spent most of the first 24-hours under the bed though it didn’t take much coaxing to get him out when we went in.  This morning he was much more comfortable and very anxious to see what is on the other side of that door!  Abby, Greta and Alice know there is someone in there…and Murphy has gotten a glimpse of at least a few of the girls.  We’re going to take it slow.

Thank you for rescuing him and trusting us to care for him.  I know that is not something you take lightly."

Cuddles went to for visit to Hermie's house.  Hermie is the very shy kitty that a friend is trying to bring around.  We are hoping that by putting Cuddles in with Hermie, he will come out of his shell a bit.  I didn't get the greatest update by my friend yesterday - Cuddles didn't seem very happy with this whole thing.  But hopefully today there will have been a breakthrough, fingers crossed! 

Speaking of Niagara, the apartment complex there - I was thinking this complex would have made such a great model of how the city and cat community could work together.  There would be shelters for the cats - of course proper and nice looking shelters, totally unnoticeable to the naked eye, and the cats would all be spayed and neutered, and they would eventually all die out, as colonies eventually do, but it would be a good role model situation for other apartment complexes to use as a start.  Wouldn't this be grand, if we had one of these.  Unfortunately, the Susan B. Anthony apartments, which borders on Central, First and Second Streets, near Bay, is a privately owned company.  I believe this structure was once a school - turned apartment building.    What a wonderful example it could be of how a community can work with the cats.  Too bad.  :(

Have a great day!

"Do not spoil what you have by desiring
what you have not; remember that what
you now have was once among
the things you only hoped for."


  1. Wont the box you put by the couch next to the trash be assumed to be trash?

  2. Thank you Walt & Karon for donating in honor of Kathy Rivera. She was a beautiful person with such a huge heart for the kitties. She made a huge difference in rescuing and altering Cats. RIP Kathy and thank you very much for all you did.

  3. Do you know what private company owns the apartments? Maybe you could approach them and offer your services in return for a spot to place the shelters. Your services are spaying and neutering the cats that already live there, keeping them healthy and trying to eventually get them out of there. I'd think the apartment owners would jump at this chance. Just a thought...-Kristin

    1. Kristin has a perfect idea I believe it is worth vetting.

      Walt Simoni

  4. Poor little Buttons, I hope he's feeling better soon! And hopefully, given enough time, Cuddles will adjust to life with Hermie and become great friends. It can take a while for a friendship to form. It's been nearly three years and Charley is still working at becoming friends with Sierra, in his own clumsy way! Yesterday he tried to pet her tail while I was rubbing her tummy. (She snarled and smacked him.) He just doesn't understand why I'm allowed to pet her but he's not! LOL!