Friday, January 22, 2016

January 22! VALERIE!~

CONGRATULATIONS to Valerie!!  Valerie is a friend of a friend who works at RiteAid.  Word had spread around Christmas-time about the Feed a Cat for Christmas campaign, so a few workers there made a donation.  So kind, so sweet, so compassionate!  Thank you Valerie!  You helped me to feed many a cold and hungry cat this morning.

Just to put this out there, I have enough Styrofoam boxes, but as you all know the stories of people trashing my many shelters out there, I still can use them, although no room here at the house.  If you have a spot to hold on to a few until I can use them, please do.  Thank you so much for that.

It was 12 degrees out there this morning.  We had at least four inches of new snow dumping after I got into work yesterday at 7:15.  I trudged trudged trudged through fields to get to the snow covered shelters.  Unfortunately, the shovel was forgotten, so I had to do a lot of leg kicks of the snow to clear a spot to set the food and water down.  Good thing I have free membership to the gym through work, and have just begun to work out again.  Wednesday was abs, yesterday was leg work.  I am dying today.  Abs and legs are KILLING me.  I always forget the workout I get in the wintertime trudging through the snow.  Oh well.  Its all good I guess!

I also forgot what its like if you forget to wear your gloves in temps below 20, and they come into contact with the snow.  You have a short period of time before frostbite sets in, but before that happens, yowsa!  It hurts!  I had to sit in the car and place my hands in a dry towel for a minute before I could drive off at my last spot.  Just think about these cats and their little pink pads on their paws.  I pray they are tougher than human hands.  Anybody know?

I will say one thing - there were four instances this morning, involving a total of 10 cats, that when I drove away from, I was deeply saddened.  I won't get into specifics, but there were three un-eartipped cats involved, and at Niagara, where I did place some Clavamox pills into the wet food for the black and white baby that is sick, as I turned around, there were SEVEN cats standing there.  It breaks my heart.  I fluffed away the snow, placed a towel down against the building near the crevice where they 'live', and placed three food bowls down and a water bowl.  BREAKS my heart to see and leave these animals.  Really.  I hope you all are considering fostering an animal, or adopting one of the ones I have available now so that I can make room for another rescue.  Please help me to spread the word about this plight in our very own city of Rochester.

Have a GREAT day!

"Show forgiveness,
Enjoin Kindness,
Avoid ignorance."


  1. Since you have extra styrofoam boxes available why don't you stick a few at the crevice in this bad weather and see if they even get trashed. At least it would help the cats for now!

  2. Janine, I have about 8 large styrofoam boxes for you which I will keep in my garage until you tell me you need them. Kathy M.