Wednesday, January 13, 2016

January 13th!~!!~ Cheryl W!

CONGRATULATIONS to CHERYL W.!!!!!  You helped me feed lots o' kitties out there this morning!  And what a morning it was Cheryl, bitter cold, whipping winds, just miserable.  But the cats were hungry, and we fed 'em.  Thanks!  The temp is like 18 degrees and with wind chill - well, see for yourself:

Current conditions at

Rochester, Greater Rochester International Airport (KROC)

Lat: 43.12°NLon: 77.68°WElev: 558ft.

Light Snow Blowing Snow
Wind SpeedW 17 G 29 mph
Barometer29.87 in (1012.8 mb)
Dewpoint8°F (-13°C)
Visibility5.00 mi
Wind Chill3°F (-16°C)
Last update13 Jan 4:54 am EST

Yep, that's minus 13 degrees - nasty.  The shelters are holding up pretty well.  I placed two tote shelters down on Melville the other day.  I figured - you know, let them take these (after removing a beautiful little set up I had the NY Eve day), I will just keep replacing them because these cats need something to nestle in during the winter.  Its just brutal out there for a homeless cat.  F'em is what I say.  Sunday Sheryl brought over several Styrofoam box shelters for me - thank you very much.  She cuts holes in them and spray paints them so that they can blend into the woodsy areas they are tucked away in.  I fill them with straw and they are good to go.  There is nothing like seeing their eyes peeking out when you have a flashlight shining on them as you are trucking back to the spots - knowing they are using them!

Styrofoam Box 045

So my wish list today?  MORE Styrofoam boxes to turn into shelters - spread the word, ask your friends and neighbors if they have them.  The larger the better. 

HERMIE - this is actually a meow, not a hiss!  :)


Murphy/Simba (and that's his foster dad Sean! - he is not up for adoption!)
CAMMY loves his belly rubbed!
I appreciate you all so much.  Please remember we have Hermie (Hermie loves to be held and cuddled) that needs a home, and Buttons (as sweet and gentle as can be) is SO ready to be loved all on his own.  Lets not forget this newest fluffball Simba (aka Murphy from Melville)!  And then there is sweet Cammie.  Lets get him a place of his own too.  Next rescue will be Parsley and Cuddles, but I have to have a place for them to go first.  Spread the good word!!!



Again, a blast from the past:

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

“THESE are the times that try men's souls.
The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will,
in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country;
but he that stands by it now,
deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.”
Thomas Paine.

To paraphrase this great American writer, “These are the times that try our souls.”

Winter in the north east of America is hard and so it is right now. These are the days when I just want to stay in bed. These are the days when I can just sit in the nice warm car instead of jumping out into winter’s frigid embrace but then I remind myself that the kitties I feed and shelter don’t have a bed to sleep in or a nice warmed car. These cats are really resilient. They find a way to keep going in the most extreme conditions. They run through the snow to get something to eat. They take cover in the shelters. In short they survive.

Next week, if the weatherman is to be believed, it will be a bit warmer and the snow will be melting. It will still be cold but not so bad for them or me and this journey will go on.

Daisy is settling very nicely in to my home in the basement; the man cave! She is warm and dry and, most importantly, safe. She is a real cuddlebug and continues to impose her love and affection on me. For her it is a really happy new year. As she eats and cleans herself up she thrives and prospers. She is a reminder of why I get up and get out of that nice warm car when it is just 13 degrees.

My other little guest, Earl, is getting g along just fine with the others. There is very little hissing or fighting.

So there it is once more. Another morning in the hood is over and done. The cats are sheltered and fed. I am grateful for the empty and boarded houses. They are a convenient and effective shelter. That’s about it really. Stuff to complain about but so much more to be grateful for.

Have a really great day and thank you for your support. It means so much.


  1. Any chance you can include a picture of what you mean by 'Styrofoam box.' What size? Are those what we used to get back-in-the-day to hide beer from our parents?

    1. Your wish is my command! and ummmmm hide the beer? Carol, not in my day...... :)

  2. The boxes that Omaha Steaks are shipped in are the best. They love them better than anything. Only problem is if the cats like to scratch them they destroy them.

  3. I've got three Styrofoam coolers. will drop off asap...sueann