Friday, February 13, 2015

Fluffy Pants!

Yes, its damn cold out today.  By the 16th location, an hour and a half after I left the house, my legs were ice cold.  Halfway through, I almost cried my hands were in such pain.  I had one glove on - because its hard with two because you wind up getting the right one wet from wiping off snow, pouring water, moving boards, etc.   I sat in the car and had to wrap a towel around my hand, and then place on my neck - I now know what its like to get frostbite.  Any longer, my hand would have been numb, then frozen.  Seriously.  Wasn't it minus 7 just a month ago?  I don't remember it being as cold as it was then as it is today.  It is 2 degrees, and snowing.  But the usual were waiting for me.  Frozen.  I told them to hang on, it would be over soon.

One good thing that came out of this morning?  I rescued Fluffy Pants!  He is going to a foster this morning, in exchange for Sawyer.  Fluffy came running to me from under a car as I pulled up to his spot.  He was a willing participant as I picked him up and placed him in the carrier.  

FYI - Sawyer is going to his new home on Saturday!

Sawyer - Striking a Pose

July 18, 2015
2nd Annual Meow & Chow Fundraiser.  
@ The Creekside 
featuring The Honey Badgers!  
Mark your calendars!  
I hope everyone is free!!!  

From a fan.  :)  Sunday Sheryl:

"I was going to comment on your blog about me (from the other day) and just write “Bitch!” ...just to see if anyone got our humor!  But I can’t remember my Google password and it doesn’t auto-fill here at work.

Next time you mention me though, how about writing the good stuff that you always tell me…
  • How I listen well and learned to follow your (albeit somewhat insane) rules  -hehehe
  • That you wouldn’t know what you’d do without my extra “arms” every week to place boards and stuff,
  • That I make shelters “on demand"
  • and that I bring a bag of food and cans every Sunday (even though you say “You don’t have to do that!” every Sunday),
  • and that I have challenged others to do the same, offering to pick up the donations personally.
  • Or I’m a Bitch, but pretty… LOL
  • And a Scrabble snob who loves wine!
I love you, Janine. You rock."

So there you have it.  I couldn't have said it any better Sheryl!  :)  SHE rocks.  Thanks for being so faithful!

I wish everyone a safe, warm and happy day!

Think spring!!!


  1. Oh my goodness - I am SO HAPPY that Mr. Fluffypants has been rescued!! It was definitely his turn. He is beautiful and I want to hug his foster and you Janine. I will add him to the list of 2015 rescues. He looks so relieved to be lying in a warm room on a comfy towel. You most definitely do rock!!! - Kristin

  2. Mr. Fluffypants is the luckiest cat in Rochester today, out of that bitter cold, he must be in heaven!!! Bless you Janine!

  3. Couldn't get you off my mind this morning. Was almost afraid to read your blog. Glad I did. That Mr. Fluffypants is a real looker. So glad you have an available foster. Treat yourself to an extra glass of wine this evening. You deserve it! -carol

  4. Carol speaks for me today, too Janine :) I cringed at the thought of you and the cats this morning, not since i worked in Hokkaido, Japan,( which is 33 mile east of Sakhalin Island Russia) working riding racehorses in the early morming till noon, have I felt "the burn" and numb hands,face, so badly as today. So happy to hear of todays rescue and 2 new homes found, made today a lot more bearable !

  5. latex gloves under your reg. gloves - works for me

  6. Janine,

    Sunday Sheryl forgot to mention her dumpster diving adventures on Central retrieving your discarded shelters. That is where Karon and I first met Sheryl. Excellent job as usual in rescuing Mr. Fluffypants.(Cat Angel). You and Sheryl both Rock for all you do for the homeless Kitties out there. Thank you both very much for all your sacrifices.

    Walt & Karon Simoni