Friday, July 31, 2015

Vacation Day!

Hooray!  Although I won't get much relaxation today.  My life is way too busy.  I know I shouldn't complain, but really, I wish everything would fall into place like its supposed to, and I could sit and say 'I wish I had something to do!" 

Whitey - named Noxie (Noxema) by Sunday Sheryl, from Niagara Street, spent the night in my bathroom after being spayed yesterday.  She was not pregnant.  But boy did she look it.  As a matter of fact, on the phone with the clinic (Noxie has blood in her urine, they did a urine analysis and sent her home with some medication to take daily - which by the way, she is VERY good about giving a pill to.  She is really just a sweet sweet lap cat), I could hear the doctor say that it doesn't appear that she was ever - so where did the three all white and one black kittens come from then?  That's a mystery to me.  She must be the mom.  As a matter of fact, I had someone reach out to me to adopt/foster her (they always do when the cat is pretty and unique - sad but true - how come the Plain Janes and the Hairy Larry's don't get scooped as quickly?).  My point above I was going to make was that I was determined yesterday to return her to the streets (as sad as that would be) because I didn't want to leave her babies there without their mommy.  It was a huge moral struggle for me to think about this yesterday, but I finally caved in after a friend said she would try to trap the three remaining baby kittens there - there is one white and one black one that are maybe 4-5 months old.  There is another muted calico that appears to be 6-7 weeks old also.  I don't want them left there alone.  No idea what to do with them, but I just can't have them there.

Skinny Minnie is still here, and I am praying another friend will try to get her into Scottsville Animal Hospital.  I just can't have extra cats around with my lifestyle, full time job, and now FIVE KITTENS that I have to go and get this morning.  They will go into the walk in clinic on Saturday to determine sex, figure out whats going on with their eyes, and then we go from there.  Uggg.

That's it in a nutshell.  I am planning on being at 196 Pennsylvania Avenue near the public market - this is the empty lot that I received a garden permit for - to stake out what will be the garden, which I am figuring will be like 10x8' with some beautiful hardy perennials and some annuals for the remainder of the season.  I am hoping my friends will show to help me!  :)  I plan on being there this Sunday at 11. 

Make it a good day!

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