Tuesday, July 14, 2015

TNR Tuesday

IT was a quiet morning out there.  A few sprinkles.  But scattered.

I would have been out there trapping the many many cats on my route that need fixing, but because of Miss B., my morning was made much easier.  Miss B, along with a lot of people in this world, are ignorant to the fact that if you let your cats out unspayed and unneutered, they are either going to impregnate another cat, or get pregnant themselves.  Miss B took in two kittens from the mother cat that lives across the street from her, the cat that just had ANOTHER litter of FIVE, who is still nursing.  After going to check on her, and discovering her dog Precious was covered in matted hair, so long it covered her eyes, I discovered these kittens, and wound up having a conversation with the neighbor across the street about the mother cat in her house and the newborns.  I told Miss B that her two six-seven month old kids would be going into the clinic today, and I told Deborah, the neighbor, that I would pay for the mother cat to be spayed, and take the kittens and find them homes.  Deborah has a disability, a brain injury, and is very poor.  So is Miss B.  So here I am, taking on five more kittens soon.  Man, oh Man.  One day at a time, that's what I tell myself.  So today it will cost me $100. 

Laura was out helping me this morning, to get the poor black kitty with the large balled hernia hanging from its belly on Ferndale and Webster.  But guess who was lurking around the corner?  I pulled up just in time to see her then turn around and walk back towards home.  She doesn't want to mess with me anymore, there will be trouble.  Unfortunately, she didn't have much luck this morning. This poor angel is losing a lot of weight, not to mention the head tilt and bad eye.  It could be that this tumor is sucking the life right out of the cat. I have another appt. for Thursday at the clinic for which I am leaving for Laura to try again for this poor boy.

The stench coming from Maryleigh's street was obvious all the way over on Ferndale Crescent.  Even Laura could smell it sitting in her car while she was trapping.  I heard from her neighbor yesterday, Mary, that the Humane Society still had not been there, and that she was now moving this month to another location.  She said the smell is coming from ML's house, and someone has to do something.  I told her to keep calling, keep reporting.  Something must be done.  We have some pretty screwed up laws that will keep law enforcement from breaking down her door to investigate - especially with all these complains, not just by me, or the neighbor, but also the woman on the corner, who is completely sane.  Not that I am not!  :)

Say a prayer for this poor animal.  In the meantime, the kittens are running around like crazy on 7th Street, and on Niagara, I only see one white kitten, and one black.  The pure white momma lets me touch her, and I felt her belly, she feels pregnant again.  I need help.

On a positive note, Emmett and Pip have been unofficially adopted.  Now we need to get this little baby Squirt adopted too! 

Have a great day everyone.

"Some men see things as they are and ask why.
Others dream things that never were and ask why not."


  1. Squirt still needs a home? I thought there was someone who wanted him?

  2. I thought of you this morning when I experienced similar, gut wrenching feelings you see almost daily. On my way to work, I saw 2 kittens, KITTENS....maybe 3 months old max, dead in the road. I drove on by, swearing and tears streaming down my face. I got to work and said "You are no better if you don't at least take them out of the street." So, I drove back, blocked them with my car, and picked each one up and gently laid them in a grassy area, together, as they were related or were definitely pals. It was AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!! I raged again, on my way back to work, thinking who would let 2 kittens, that small outside, or not spay their cat so it had these kittens, only to have them die an awful death in the street. I then realized that every cat you encounter daily was that young once. Each one you take off the street or get spayed/neutered, has a chance to not suffer that horrible fate these two kittens did. Of course I drove past them on my way home and they were still there, but at least not in the road. I realized that I need to do more. We ALL do if we want this to end. After 10 unsuccessful calls to RCAC today, I will call them or go there tomorrow to put money on your account. I encourage ALL of your readers to do the same. If you cannot donate $$, adopt, foster, talk to anyone that can help in any way. You never know who knows who. Someone may have media connections, someone may know a teacher that can have school kids build feral cats shelters for you. Someone knows someone that has $5 or $50 to spare. Heck, pick up cans & bottles that are on streets everywhere. One cat or kitten at a time, we ALL have the power to make a difference. Lastly, if you have cats, do NOT let them outside!!!!!!!!!!