Monday, August 3, 2015


Last week, I forgot to mention that I met a young girl - at 5:25 am. - sitting on her front stoop on Parsells - not sure what she was doing, but I had gone back to this spot behind a house where I feed two red cats, Petey and Paulie, a young mother (all three spayed and neutered), and a black cat - I had seen a family of raccoons when I got there an hour prior, so I wanted to be sure they hadn't muddied the water and gobbled the food up on these kitties.  Sure enough, they had, so I was glad I went back.  Her name was Bobbi Jo and I told her what I was doing - as usual, I must have looked like a freak with my pink waders, my shorts and top, with a headlamp strung around my neck.  She told me she used to help with another group, and loved that I was doing this.  She told me her uncle lived just down the street, and that his neighbor was going to poison the cats around there - apparently there is a ton of cats and kittens behind his house, which sounds like its directly across from where I feed just a few doors down on the other side of the street.  Was this where the baby kitten I had euthanized two weeks ago had come from?  Not sure.  I continue to watch out for new cats around there, but I am sure there are a ton I don't see.

Sunday morning was not good.  I drove up to Third and Central to feed the kitties there, and over to the left is a driveway, and a red kitty, one that I hadn't seen in a very long time was sitting there.  I noticed it crying, and it started to drag its body by its two front legs towards me.  I placed the bowl of food down on the ground instead of placing it on the porch where steps are, and it crawled right up to it, starving, but probably in the most excruciating pain of its life.  I panicked, knowing it was suffering, but not wanting it to flee out of fear, and die a slow painful death.  It looked bloody in the back area, and back legs totally useless.  I got the carrier from the car, sat it upright, got a towel (thanks to Sunday Sheryl getting this ready for me as I barked orders at her!), and grabbed it by its scruff, and placed it in the carrier.  Poor baby fought a good fight.  After finishing up the last of my two spots, I drove like a maniac to the emergency vet and begged the girl at the desk to please take the suffering away from this poor animal.  It was heart wrenching.  Knowing the pain this cat was in.  After they brought the carrier back to me, they said not only did it look like its legs were crushed, but also looked like spinal damage.  I am SO THANKFUL to have been of help to that little angel.  God rests its tiny soul.  :(

I continue to feed the black kitty with hernia still on Ferndale Crescent - he sits under a van there and waits for me.  Maryleigh has not been around too much, but her presence is always known because she empties the food bowls each and every day - even though she has been told not to trespass on that property.  I now suspect she is emptying bowls just around the corner, down Goodman and there on Short Street, where I feed and shelter Buttons, Mr. Whiskers, and another cat or two.   Yes, I believe she is doing this.  I cannot tell you the contempt I feel for this woman.  I just don't know how she has gotten away with all she has done, not the police, nor the human society helping to lock her up.

HAPPY from Ferndale and Webster!

The good news from this spot is that Friday morning, I was able to rescue a black kitty I've been feeding there for a while now, due to my friend, who adopted Webster, Tigger and Frisco (now named Foster), telling me she would take him.  Bless her heart!  Here is what she had to say:

Willie or as I have dubbed him for now “Happy”  cause he is always purring and is such a happy boy is doing fantastic!  He acts like he has been here 10 years already he seems pretty content I would say he was truly meant to live here.  I just love him he is an awesome cat!

I put him in his own room last night when we got home but that lasted about 15 minutes and he wanted out so I let him give it a try.  Maverick my Siamese  came right up to him and kissed him on the nose. Tigger let him walk right by without a problem then growled at Foster of course…haha.
Foster had no issues either, so far he blended right in.   He is finding his spots in the house eating well and living large over here!  He looks just like my Ron Burgundy just a little bigger so I have to look at his ear to tell them apart it is funny.  

Another successful transition between us my dear  THANK THANK THANK YOU for all you do to save these amazing creatures.In your next life you will be rich & spoiled for it ~!

I picked up the kittens on Friday morning also from the woman across from Miss B.  She nearly didn't give them to me, she said her husband wanted to sell them.  I convinced her, wound up giving her $20, and brought them home.  Another dear friend who adopted Domino from me offered to take them into the clinic on Saturday - walk in only beginning at NOON - first come first served - so she came and got the little ones Friday evening.  I had plans on Saturday so I was very grateful to her.  She called me at 3:30 that day and said she still had not been seen and that it could be another two hours.  I told her to bring kitties back to my house, I was on my way home from Cayuga Lake, and I would get them in sometime this week.  I felt so bad that her Saturday was wasted sitting there at the clinic.  We need more low income clinics!!!  But they are darling - here are some (lousy) pictures!  Three greys, one calico, and one black with white.  DARLINGS.

Whitey a/k/a Whisper was with me through the weekend, and she is now in foster care through Operation Gypsy.  I am grateful to them that they will find her a good home.  She was stuck in a room in my house, no room at the inn.  What a sweetheart, and what a beauty, with her blue eye.  I was promised that her babies would be rescued from Niagara, and I have yet to see it.  The babies were there again this morning when I went to check on them.  :(

Whitey a/k/a WHISPER

Skinny Minnie from Parsells!  She is a love.  She needs a home, and fast.  Please consider foster or adoption.


Finally, on Sunday, a big thank you to those that were able to make it to the property on Pennsylvania Ave that I have been granted a garden permit for.  Jim, Melissa and Mary!  We staked out the location of where this 10x10 foot plot will be excavated hopefully this week  for a perennial garden (annuals and tall grasses will be planted for now until fall where we can plant some bulbs!).  I could tell my friends were out of their element.  It was very noisy, and a lot of people were around when we met.  I told them this is why I go there at 5 am. because its so quiet and peaceful at that time.  Next week, hopefully we will have soil in place and can begin to plant!

Thats it.  So much more, but I must get to work!   Have a great day!


  1. What a weekend filled with varied events! Thank you for saving that poor kitty from further pain - he knew who to seek out. Whitey looks like my Baxter (the white kitty with a deformed paw). He has one blue eye and one yellow! Wonder if they're related. Nancy C.

  2. Nancy C maybe you should adopt Whitey to be pals with Baxter. Than you would have 2 all white kitties with 2 different colored eyes. :)

  3. Along with 7 others I've already adopted from the Great Janine - lol. My inn is full (plus 2 rescue BIG dogs)!!

  4. That is quite an update!

  5. I'm so glad you were there to help that poor cat that was suffering so terribly. Now it's bounding around in heaven in a perfect body that will never again know pain. Thank you!

    That's great that Willie is fitting into his new home! It's amazing how some cats adapt so quickly to new surroundings.

    I was thinking about you all day Sunday wondering how your garden was going. Praying that it works out for you and the cats!