Tuesday, July 7, 2015

To the Moon, Alice!

Anybody remember the Honeymooners - Jackie Gleason?  Of course they were RERUNS when I was little!  I am not THAT OLD!  :)

Pennsylvania and Second Shelter - Mr. Grey and Mr. Red

Well, the day will come when I don't have to post about Crazy Maryleigh, and WHAT will I have to talk about!  :)

She is a crazy B.  I have a lot of ......  not sure if the word is hate, or anger, or animosity? toward her.  She is certainly a SMART crazy B.  This morning, Laura went AGAIN to try to trap the black kitty with the crooked head, and something wrong with its eye, and a huge tumor hanging from its belly.  She was unsuccessful in spotting the kitty, but did manage to trap two others.  There are SO many cats at this location that need to be spayed and neutered - they are all reproducing on her street, just a block away.  As she was leaving, there comes M from around the corner.  She had stopped and looked and Laura took off, after getting two kitties for the clinic today.  I went there after I finished my rounds, and waited for M to come round the corner after I placed the food and water down.  This time, before she spotted me, she had a pink flashlight in her hand and was bending down shining it under the cars there, and in particular the van in the driveway because I have been placing a bowl of food under it due to her emptying the bowls in the tiny shelter each day.  She obviously figured that out. 

I got out and approached her to tell her she was violating the order for her to stay off the property, and she pointed this pink flashlight and it made a clicking noise and flashing light.  I figured maybe its either a taser, or a ...  I don't know. Maybe they make these things for protection nowadays?  She said I am going to hurt you!  I got in the car and called 911 to report she had a weapon.    This crazy B must be stopped - she is hindering our efforts to get these cats fixed.  The Humane Society officer never did call me back last week after I left him a voicemail, after I was told there was a current investigation on this woman and the cats on Webster Crescent.  This situation must get under control.  I need the help from police and rescue groups.  I just can't do it alone.  The City must step up to help.  I don't know how, but we have to figure something out.

Pip and Emmett still need adoption:


There remains five kittens on 7th Street, and two young adults - and three pure white and one black kitten on Niagara, that I know about.  I cannot seem to get appointments at the clinic on Bay Street this week, but hopefully they will return my call and offer me something.  The kittens are under 10 weeks old so they won't spay/neuter them right yet, but they could be caught and socialized at this point.  There is a beautiful sweet black cat at Ferndale and Webster - I want to take him home, of course, along with Cammy on Central and Fifth.  These guys deserve a home.  Please consider helping me by foster and adoption.

Have a great day.

"And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight inside the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." 

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  1. Janine there are so many! I wish there was more help from the city! Once I win the lottery, I will make you a kitty house and we can foster lots.