Thursday, July 30, 2015

Another Rescue!

Cell phone back working.  Turns out, after I received a new phone, it was the battery.  GRRRRR.........

Just to be clear, I don't rescue cats from the street on a whim.  If I did, I would have hundreds.  They are either going to a foster who has offered, or they are going to someone who wants to adopt one.  In rare instances, I get them because they are sick, or in danger.  

Right now I have THREE extra cats in my house.  The pregnant Skinny Minnie that I had spayed on Friday, the one that a friend who previously adopted Sooty from me had said to 'hold on to her - will let you know tomorrow if I can give her a try' - something came up where this friend had to put this plan on hold, and then realizing how tiny and frail she was, I couldn't put her back.  I sure hope she will change her mind and adopt this kitty - Otherwise, I will have to figure out another alternative, even if it means bringing her to a shelter (assuming they are low on cats and knowing this cat is very adoptable, they won't euthanize her).  I CANNOT take on another cat right now. Then this white mother cat who is pregnant and going to be spayed this morning has been in my bathroom since yesterday morning who is VERY sweet, but her babies are still on Niagara, and I must return her to them.  Speaking of, I saw a baby muted calico kitten there this morning, no more than two months old.  :(  SO SAD driving away from this.  

Then we have .................  (drumroll).......

MEET WILLIE!  from Webster and Ferndale.  I have a friend who adopted Webster (since dearly departed), Tigger and Frisco (had the chicken bone stuck in the roof of his mouth and was dying) in the past year, and now she wants Willie.  I am so grateful to her.  He has been waiting for me every single morning at this vacant house, just down from Crazy Maryleigh.  He is NOT A FOLLOWER.  She wanders around this area with cats following her!  All sick and and none fixed.  She is sick.  This is the second morning in a row now that she is just hanging around this corner and when I pull up, she uses her cell phone to either call 911, or pretend she is, and God knows what she is telling them.   I just shake my head, place food and water for the animals that can find it, and drive off.  She comes back an hour or so later and dumps the food and water, even though she has been told not to be on the property, by the police.   I still can't believe the Humane Society never did anything about the situation on her street, with her burying cats and kittens.  At least I got another cat out of there.  He was an easy catch.

Needless to say, its a little hectic in my house right now.

WILLIE from Webster/Ferndale

Another friend, her husband was the one that built that beautiful wooden shelter, with a cat face cut out for the entrance, drove to the property where ANGRY TIM destroyed it on, and got the pieces for her husband to rebuild.  She ran into Tim apparently, and here is what she had to tell me:

"I picked up the pieces this afternoon..pat will look at it when he gets home...looks like he can put it back together...Tim was there and agitated...I think you will continue to have a serious problem with him...he's adamant that he doesn't want them fed there...says it attracts skunks that spray on his house..he also claims his brother is going to buy the lot..I hope he doesn't try to poison them"

I am so disgusted in this man.  Would he get his brother to buy the land?  After I invest my time in trying to make the lot pretty?  Would he be that desperate to get me out of there?  I hate this man.  I would love to buy it myself, just to stop this.

Look what else I did yesterday:  I went over and took pictures of the kittens that will be in my care after tomorrow morning.  These are the kittens that the mother cat had, her second litter, and the woman that has the cat and kittens is not able to care for them, so I will be taking custody, and having mom fixed this coming Tuesday.  HELP. 

A woman who adopted Domino from me last year is helping me this Saturday by taking these kittens to the walk in clinic hours so that their eyes can be checked out.  She is helping me immensely as I have to be somewhere for nearly the entire day on Saturday.

Sunday at 11:00, I am hoping a bunch of friends will come by 196 (vacant lot next door to #202) Pennslvania Avenue - near Fourth Street - near the public market - to help me sketch out a plan for the garden I have been granted a permit to build here.  This will help those cats immensely.  Thanks to everyone who has supported me through all my endeavors.  I REALLY COULD NOT do it without you.

Have a nice day!

~Martin Luther King


  1. I seriously doubt that Tim's brother will be buying the lot. And if it does, we will deal with it. It may be time to bring in the big guns - literally - and have Lisa Sanchez's huge, muscular husband have a talk with Tim. Something to think about.... I know you are stressed by all your extra kitties. But I know you will find them all wonderful homes as you always do - and usually quicker than you think, thanks to all the amazingly kind hearted people out there. Like the lady who is taking the kittens to have their eyes looked at. :) Great job Janine, great job everyone helping her!

  2. I think you should print out that Martin Luther King poster for him . Maybe it will shame him. He should be ashamed of himself.
    And if you decide you cannot hold onto Skinny Minnie till you find a foster or adopter for her, you could try Scottsville Vet Adoptions. Since she is already spayed (& tested??) I think that might move her up on their list and get her in quick.

  3. I am committed to taking those small ones as I said...I have a picnic on Sunday afternoon but can get them in the evening on sunday...sueann

  4. More idea for shelters...hidden in garden...: look like big birdhouse on posts? plant sunflowers around? I will make some calls for donations of perenials.. and maybe some pine trees, they provide wind break and green year round?