Monday, July 13, 2015

Every Picture Tells a Story Don't It!

That's a Rod Stewart song, not bad grammar on my part.  But it defines the pictures below because each of these pictures has a story behind it.  Mostly sadness - these are all cats that need homes, and just a fraction of whats out there in the Beechwood section of Rochester, which is where I feed 60+ cats every single day of my life.   I took some pictures yesterday morning.

Below is a little girl that had kittens earlier this spring.  This is my spot on Parsells, where I feed two red cats, Petey and Paulie, and a black kitty.  She is not fixed yet, she is one of many many I need help with.

This is Cammy.  Cammy resides on Central and Fifth.  Cammy is JUST like Sawyer and George, the two boys I rescued - Sawyer was adopted, and George became mine after testing positive for FIV.  Both were desperate to get off the street, in the middle of two harsh winters, and both found great homes.  Cammy is just like those two, but hasn't been lucky yet.  I love this little boy who has learned to finally trust me.  He is not fixed yet either.  And he desperately needs a home.

Maryleigh:  Its been very quiet with her.  She is still trespassing on the property on Webster and Ferndale, throwing away my food.   The cat's food.  She must go there sometime in the morning to do this.  So the cats are without water and food until I get there the next morning.  She was told by two officers, at two different times, to stay off the property.  There is a cat with a large tumor hanging from its belly, the cat is getting thinner and thinner each time I see it.  Its head has an odd tilt to it, and one of its eyes looks bad.  My heart sand when I saw it this morning, waiting for me to place the food.  I need to help this boy.    Below is a picture I took just outside of Maryleigh's property of one the many cats there that are suffering.  The Humane Society has continued to say they are looking into this.  The dead kittens buried in the lot next door.  What more do they need to lock this woman up.

Another picture below of the many other cats that are suffering on Webster Crescent.

Below are two cats waiting for me each morning.  The black and white cries and cries, and this morning let me pet him.  He looks bad, very dirty, very homeless.  I had the girl on the right fixed.  She had just had babies somewhere out there.  Never to be seen.

Niagara Street Sunday morning.  The white mother cat.  She had three white babies, and one black one, all still running around out there.  I suspect she is pregnant again.

Can you tell if she is pregnant?  She actually got very close to me yesterday morning.  Her little black baby was across the street behind the fence.  We had to put food there also.  There are at least 10 cats at this location, not including the babies.

All I can say is that I need more help.  I just can't do this alone.  I have come to the realization that I really haven't made a dent in all these years of what I have done, but I have made a dent in each of the cats that I have had spayed, and neutered, and found homes for.  And that's as good as I can do.  Its overwhelming.  I am overwhelmed.  I need help getting these kittens and the mothers spayed and neutered.

That's all I can say for today.  EXCEPT:  If only I could get more help.  I will supply the traps, if you will supply your time!  Call the Clinic on Bay Street 288-0600 to make appointments at your covenience!~
"If you cannot be a poet, be the poem."


  1. One of my favorite quotes is "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." And that's exactly what you are doing, and I would say, even more than that. The community needs to get involved with making spaying/neutering more available and affordable. Wish I had big connections!

  2. My personal feeling is that the main reason low cost spay/neuter has not been made available to the general public in this area is that somehow the local vets are in collusion with each other and are afraid to piss each other off cutting their prices on spay/neuter for everyone not just low income qualified people. Until recently there wasnt even a single vet in the entire Rochester area participating in the Friends of Animals low(er) cost certificate program.
    Now the Animal Hospital of Rochester on University Ave is participating and I applaud her for it!!
    The prices are reasonable and ANYONE qualifies not just low income!!
    I wanted to make sure everone knew about this to refer people to. Obviously its not enough as far as low cost spay neuter programs but at least it is something to refer people to for pets, who wouldnt quslify for low income.