Monday, July 6, 2015

Monday - AGAIN!

Well it was a nice four days off from my full time job at Rochester General.  I didn't accomplish as much as I wanted to outside in my garden, and in the house due to a lot of cat stuff.  But it was nice nevertheless.

Here are some highlights, and lowlights of the weekend:

I went to the ball game on Wednesday afternoon, which was a good start to my long weekend.  It was 'mandatory' fun day for the office, so here I am with some co-workers, and the only pictures I would allow them to take of me.  I don't like my picture taken.  This is one that doesn't have a certain finger showing.  :)

On Thursday morning, I got a call from my friends at HFC who were trying to trap the kitty with the huge lump hanging from its belly on Webster and Ferndale, who reported to me that Crazy Maryleigh had cut the string tied to the drop trap and wouldn't leave.  I raced over there, grocery bags left unpacked on the kitchen floor, and toast being toasted in the toaster.  I pulled up to find the crazy B standing there.  I walked over and told her to leave or I would call the police.  She didn't, and I did.  Within five minutes, two cars pulled up.  By this time, she had gone around the corner towards her home, and while we began to explain to the officers what we were trying to do, she comes around the corner wearing a face mask that looked like Michael Meyers mask in Halloween, and a pair of huge goggles.  We were all taken aback.  The cops asked her what she was doing with all that getup on, and she replied something about pollution.  They began to have a conversation with her, which escalated with her shouting and swearing at them.  They told her she was not allowed on the property and to stay away.  She walked away at some point and they told us that they could arrest her on mental hygiene alone.  I asked bottom line what can be done, because she has been doing this every single day to me, let alone these wonderful people trying to help these very sick cats that need our help.  They told me that if she comes back around, to call 911. they would come back and arrest her, which would give us at least 72 hours to do what we need to do.  This does not alleviate the fact that she still comes back to this property and empties the food and water I leave for these starving animals.   Poor sweetie with the lump still hasn't been trapped.  There is another SWEET black boy there that needs neutering also.  He let me pet him for minutes this morning.  I would love to find him a home.

On Friday my friend helped to trap a calico cat on Miller street and I gave her my spot at the clinic. Another one fixed.

On Saturday, one of the five kittens rescued from Miller Street, Tigger, the little red, was adopted.  His new mom and big sister came over to meet him, fell in love, and took him home.  I felt bad at first - I knew he would miss his siblings, but they are giving him plenty of love.  What do you think?

On Sunday, the other two that had been fostered by my friend Melissa were adopted!  Haven and Meadow - now named Maizie and Murphy, are doing well, coming out of their shell, and seem quite happy as they adjust to their new home with canine and feline brothers and sisters!  I am so grateful to their foster mom - thats all it takes to be a foster mom!  Just a little time, love and patience.  She brought these baby kittens that were born on the streets to sweet little kittens adjusting to their new lives in homes.  Thanks Melissa!

On Sunday morning, I stopped by to see my friend Miss B, who I have not seen in a long while.  She doesn't look too good, as she has been told she needs to be on dialysis and doesn't want to do it.  She says when the good Lord wants her, that will be her time.  She said hey, I'm 63 - as a 90 year old would say.  I told her that was a very young age to die.  Her eyes are yellow, and she has lost a lot of weight.  Not to mention the poor thing has no teeth, she devoured the soft moist watermelon I brought her.  The only thing she asked me to help her with the past few years was to get her a computer,and I couldn't do it.  I feel bad about that.  She can only text because she is always out of minutes on her phone, so she can't talk to people.  She is very lonely.  BUT, she has a dog named Precious that I have been paying to have vetted and groomed over the years.  When little Precious came out behind Miss B, I was astonished.  The poor animals was matter and her hair was way overgrown.  I immediately said to Miss B that I would call Petco and get her in for a grooming, which will be done this Thursday.  And from behind the dog came two kittens.  My heart sank.  They are both about five months old, boy and girl, and ready to mate.  I explained to Miss B that the girl kitty can get pregnant now, and it would most likely be by her brother.  I told her I was making appointments this week at the clinic for them.  She agreed.  Now I just need to get the appointments.  I have left several messages, but no return calls.  I am praying I can get these spots.  And here I have so many of my own on my own route that still need to be done.  Very sad.

On top of that, I met the woman across from Miss B who has the mother of these two kittens.  And guess what, the mother cat just had another litter last week.  The woman agreed to let me get the cat spayed, and for me to take the kittens once weaned from their mom.  FIVE more kittens.  I left there feeling ill.  I know need to get THREE appointments this week for these cats.   There are still five baby kittens on 7th Street.  I need help.

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  1. Yes, you DO need help! So, if anyone out there can foster, pay for a spay or donate food or an item to the fundraiser on July 18th, PLEASE let Janine or me (Kristin) know. I can be contacted at or called/texted at 451-8284. For the fundraiser, we'd love bottles of wine (even donating 1 bottle is greatly appreciated!), gift certificates for local restaurants, fun baskets of items, manicure/pedicure certificates or any other items you may be able to donate. Thanks everyone!!!