Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Another Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

Psychosis:  Psychosis is a mental condition that affects a person's sense of reality. Hallucinations and delusions are common symptoms.

I want to be clear, I am sure there are those of us that have people in our families that might have mental illness, and I am not mocking or bashing people like this in general.  I am speaking only of one individual that has been in my daily realm for a long while now, and is causing great problems for the cats in the Webster/Ferndale part of the city.  Maryleigh (M) has some serious mental problems, and while I would normally feel empathy for someone like this, what their minds must go through, what their families go through, its hard to do this with this woman.

Yesterday, my friend in law enforcement, after giving her some information on where M lives, and where we are trying to trap these poor sick creatures that need our help, called M and left a message to cease and desist from going on this property where I feed and where we are trying to trap.  I was so grateful to know that the law was on my side for this particular situation.  I was told by my friend that if she continues, to let her know and further steps will be taken. 

This morning, as I came around the corner after feeding at the 16+ spots I feed over 60+ cats at every day, the corner of Goodman and Ferndale, I saw a woman going through the garbage.  I first thought it was M, but she turned around and it was not.  It was another woman, I waved to her as if I thought she was someone else and sorry.  Then I spotted M on the other side of the road.  I pulled over and mentioned for her not to touch the bowls anymore there, or she would be in trouble.  M was very quiet this morning, as if she was heavily medicated, but she muttered some very unintelligible words, and started walking again toward my feeding spot.  Laura was not trapping there this morning, so I had already placed food down.

As I pulled up to the spot, ahead of M, this other woman was walking past me and she smiled and said something about the cats.  I got out and we began a conversation.  Turns out this woman, who is very sane by the way, and not homeless, lives next door to M on the next street over.  And her name is Mary!  Mary began to tell me all about whats going on with M and the cats on her dead end street.  Apparently, law enforcement has been called many times because of the cat situation over there.  And nothing has been done.  She has counted over 20 cats at one time.  She said some are very sick, most are mating right in front of her when she is sitting on the porch, she has seen M burying things in the lot between their houses, she has found dead cats in bags on the property behind Goodman Plaza, she believes that M.  is having rituals with the kittens that are born.  Mary continued to tell me that M has been known to use up to 11 bags of heroin a day, which she is hearing firsthand from the dealer that lives on the street.  She said M is in a methadone program, and very sick - mentally.  Mary begged me to help her get control of the cats over there.  As we spoke, M stopped and stared into a puddle near where we were talking, and then walked past us muttering nonsense.




I left with a sick stomach.  I don't know what to do.  My gut instinct - because I don't have the help I need - would be to get them all to Lollipop.  I know there are some that will be upset by that statement - but what other choice is there.  PLEASE TELL ME.

Melvin from Melville was returned to the streets this morning, running as fast as he could away from the trap he was let out of.  He was a true feral.

The other cat my friend trapped on Miller Street was a white beauty, but very pregnant.  She was spayed and will be returned to the street.  This one is friendly.  My heart aches we could not find her a home.

Another day in the hood. 

Meadow and Haven - PLEASE ADOPT US!"
I have the next two days off this week, and will try to update tomorrow.   Thanks for reading, please consider foster and adoption - I have two more kittens - Meadow and Haven -  that I rescued -  out of the five - going in to the clinic today to get their first medications and treatment.  This is costing me a fortune.  Please consider donating in my name at Rochester Community Animal Clinic on Bay Street at 585-288-0600.  I appreciate anything you can do. 

Have a great day.

"Empathy:  We must understand
before we judge."


  1. Oh Geeze! Maybe Mary will be an ally for you now! I think you need to do what is best for the cats and if that means taking some to Lollipop, that's ok!

  2. You ABSOLUTELY must call the Humane Society to investigate. She can be arrested for animal cruelty if it can be proven she is doing things like that to cats. If nothing else, it'll put her on notice and they'll keep an eye on her. If you don't want to make the call, post her address & I'll make the call....

  3. I am leaving message with the investigating officer at Lollipop now - they have an active investigation going, and I've asked for a call back today.

  4. I was at Lollypop yesterday and they're practically out of cats. The free adoption day with June is Adopt-a-cat month wiped them out. If any time is good for a cat there, it's when they have a lot of room.