Wednesday, July 22, 2015


The older I get, the more laid back I become.  I am pretty mellow about stuff nowadays, I can brush things off fairly easily.  I have a healthy fear of losing  family member, a friend, and my job, the latter would be devastating due to the only income paying the bills, and all this crazy cat stuff that I do that normally costs me $10,000 plus each year from my own pocket.  The only thing that can enrage me is the jeopardy of the welfare of babies, the elderly, and animals.  Any kind of abuse of one of those three - you just want to lash out and hurt them.  But I couldn't do that, I just want justice. 

These pictures were taken on my way to work.  See below for what happened.

Shelter After Moving to Lot

POS house that trashed my stuff

The aftermath
This morning, on 202 Pennsylvania Avenue, I found all my stuff piled to the curb for trash pick up today.  This has been the home to at least eight cats for the last five plus years.  The boarded up house was just that, boarded up, until last fall when someone was beginning to fix the place up, slowly.  I finally met the man at some point - I can't remember the circumstance, but I told him what I was doing and he asked me to not put food on the porch.  So I didn't.  All the shelters were behind the house against the garage.  This past week I knew he was really at renovating, and possibility of moving in because of new windows, etc.  There is a vacant lot next door, that I have moved my things to in the past, and they were trashed.  The city owns it.  Now, this man, Julio, COULD have moved this stuff, or asked me by leaving a note, to the property next to him.  But he didn't.  He put all of it to the curb.  These eight plus cats have lived here for many years now, all fixed, and endured all sorts of weather and circumstances, thanks to the shelters, and my going there every day and feeding them.  Here comes this guy and destroys everything in the blink of an eye.  HOW IS THIS LEGAL?  We managed to move everything - just about - to the back of the vacant lot next door, call for the missing cats by now, and I went to the truck and got my paper and pen and basically wrote, DEAR JULIO, thanks for your kindness!  My stuff is on city property and if you even touch it, I will have you arrested for vandalism.  And I left my cell number.  I will now drive there before work to get a picture of this makeshift shelter to be sure its recorded.  I really need advice here.  There is no where else to move this stuff, and this is city property that shouldn't have a problem with this.  Its not hurting anyone or anything.  Isn't there someone who has some sway with someone???  To me, THIS IS ANIMAL CRUELTY.

When I came back to take pictures I met a SUPER nice girl that lives across the street, her name is Pam, a kind black girl.  She said the guy is CREEPY.  She threatened to call the police on him after he made some untoward remarks to her.  She took my card and promised to call me if she sees him touch my stuff.

Then there is the other thorn in my side.  I have figured out Crazy Maryleigh Frank's latest MO - she knows when I am going to show up, so she deliberately hangs near the property she has been told by the police not to trespass on, in order to hamper us from trapping the gazillion reproducing cats there - which by the way, she IS killing the newborns and placing them in bags and burying them.  Although last week she called the dead animal pickup, a service the City provides, and they couldn't believe their eyes.  She had a bag of newborns in the bag.  I am sure this can be verified by the call that came in for it last week for Webster Crescent.  Anyways, when I pull up, its like I am herding sheep, I slowly start to drive alongside the sidewalk with her, and she always heads back to her street, and just before the corner, in front of the police camera just above, she dials 911 (although I can't confirm she is really dialling) and reports that I am harassing her.  She continues to empty the food bowls placed on the property where she is banned from when I drive away.  These cats are multiplying and she believes the humane society are Al Qaeda.   She is a sick woman.  If you could see this sight each morning - she walks around and there are at least two that follow her, one being the very sick black cat with the hernia hanging almost to the ground, sucking the very life out of it.  She knows what she is doing, she is very very cunning.  She has got to be stopped.  I still can't believe nothing has been done thus far.  Her neighbor Mary is beside herself.  She will be moving end of July, and will never have gotten this issue she has called about so many times resolved.

The good news is that besides Momma Cat from 7th Street, where her five babies were waiting for her when I released her back there yesterday evening after she had been spayed at the clinic, the other three that were trapped are all now NOT going to be reproducing again either.  Two males, two females. 




Bazza from Baldwin

It was tough letting Bazza go this morning. You can tell he is a sweet cat, a stray, and doesn't really fit in with the others here on Baldwin and Grand - all eight or so here, he has always kept his distance but had just started to trust me, which is how I was able to grab him yesterday and place him in my carrier to go to the clinic for neutering.  This morning, he was petrified.  I hated to let him go.  He deserved a home.

Please consider these animals, and please help me figure out what to do with this one spot.  I need advice, for sure.

Have a good day.

"No matter the situation, never let your emotions overpower your intelligence."


  1. OMG! What a morning for you! 4 more who will not reproduce - your dent making continues!

  2. I encourage, actually BEG, all of your readers to contact AND continue calling and/or emailing Lollypop about this crazy broad on Webster Crescent is it, until something is done! Since Lollypop's law enforcement team doesn't seem to respond, email Alice too. Here's the contact info for the President of Lollypop- Alice Calabrese and Chief of Law Enforcement for Lollypop, along with their cruelty line #. or 585-223-1330 or 585- 223-1330 ext 234 Reno DiDomenico

    223-6500 Cruelty line

  3. Can you post the address on Webster Crescent and her last name if you know it?

  4. Her name is in the post, and its a dead end street on Webster Crescent. She is known to the authorities.
    Thank you!