Friday, July 10, 2015

Cloud 9

I suppose I am optimistic to a fault.  I have always thought I was making a dent in this world, in this tiny corner of mine, with the stray and feral cats.  Sometimes, I am brought back to reality out of my little cloud I am always floating on.

A friend dropped off a couple of gift baskets to me yesterday, for the FUNRAISER on July 18th, and we were talking about the sadness and tragedy that these cats endure, and I didn't think much about it - of her sense of reality of what is going on out there, but she kindly sent me a note when she got home, for which I am grateful, even though it wasn't needed, but sad to see the words on paper:

"Hey there.
I know you were hurt when I said you were not making a dent in the stray cat population, let me explain what I meant.
Yes, what you do is a wonderful thing, but it's the math that is an issue.
Until some type of legislation is enacted to prevent idiots from letting their unaltered cats roam the streets, stray populations will never cease. It's an issue in every town, every state.

I am sure you know that for every cat you alter, there are hundreds more every month in the same area that are being allowed to stray..unaltered, thus continuing the problem.
Sadly, it will never go away.
With all these low cost spay clinics for low incomes, there is NO excuse not to alter. Ever look at Craigslist under Pets? The vast majority of middle aged cats being given away are not altered.
Some people purposely let them mate so they can sell the kittens on that site. With every shelter and rescue full of them, many do not find homes so they are just tossed out into the street, as we both know.

After watching that tiny kitten take it's last breath in my hands, I have become very intolerant of irresponsible people and wish there was a way to hold them accountable for their actions.
I can only assume that many of the more friendly cats you care for are or were someone's pet at one time and they just allowed them to roam, never to return home.
I am having a difficult time keeping my mouth shut when people state that it is cruel to alter a pet and to keep them confined in the house. Hell, if I had kids I would not let them out into traffic to play !
Guess you just can't argue with DUMB.

See ya soon, stay safe and avoid certain situations. Last week I bought a new bike and delivered to to the Conkey Cruisers bike collection on Conkey avenue. The very next day on the same street there was a
stabbing and car broad daylight! "
What can I say.

On another note, the woman, Mary, who lives next door to the lunatic Maryleigh called me to tell me she spoke directly to the investigating officer at the humane society, and they said they would be out 'today', which was yesterday, but they didn't.  They told her they had something now to charge her with (the dead kittens in the bags buried in the lot next door).  Nothing yet though.  I also told her about how we need to start trapping the cats there, and that they need to get used to eating from what I give them, so she told me I could place them on the other side of her driveway, bowls of food in the morning.  I went to do this very quietly this morning and I looked over at M's house a house away, and I could see her silhouette, and then I heard her call 911.  Here she is calling 911 on ME.  I left, as I didn't have time for this nonsense today.  I just hope to hear back from a friend in law enforcement that I contacted yesterday to explain to me why something hasn't been done sooner after ALL the complaints by the neighbors there.

Don't forget, all these babies need homes:






Have a nice day.
"People travel to wonder at the
height of the mountains,
at the huge waves of the seas,
at the long course of the rivers,
at the vast compass of the ocean,
at the circular motion of the stars,
and yet they pass by themselves
without wondering."


  1. I disagree with some of what your friend wrote. You ARE making a difference! Each cat that you get spayed/neutered is one less that is having babies. Yep, there's a gazillion more cats out there but like the starfish story, you made a difference to the one you got vetted, that will no longer reproduce. Imagine if you did nothing... You also make a difference each day to these cats by giving them a few seconds of kindness & compassion and full bellies. Keep up the GREAT work Janine! You are defeating the irresponsible misfits of the world one cat at a time. :)

  2. I hope something happens today with Crazy M! Can't wait for the update. Happy Friday!

  3. Couldn't say it any better than 'anonymous.' Hear! Hear! -carol

  4. I agree to respectfully disagree with the statement that you are not making a dent. You KNOW you are. You have told me many times that certain spots used to be teeming with cats and now, thanks to you, there are very few and all of those are fixed. Think how many seemingly insurmountable problems have eventually been solved by people who refused to give up in what they believed in. Look at the American colonists who took on the biggest, strongest military in the world (England) and WON. They won because they believed in what they were doing with all their heart. Don't ever give up. You are making a huge difference.

  5. You started this over 10 years ago... In ten years, a cat having 2 liters a year with survival at about 50% will still have produced 80,399,780 cats. That is a difference.

  6. I can give you a happy report on Sawyer! We went to the vet yesterday for his second claw-trim and his booster. ---- with a very 'interesting' adventure before we even left my driveway. I'd taken him to the car, carrier secured, gone back to the garage for other stuff( OR so I thought!) He was casually headed to MY seat when I opened my door. BUT, I just told him we'd deal with the situation when we got to the vet. He enjoyed the ride....just lounged on the back seat--- no crazies like some cats do. A very nice woman helped into my back seat, took the carrier from me....took him in! All his vitals were excellent. He likes the tech the vet - well - until he'd had his booster, ears cleaned, claws trimmed. But, he was being cute again before we left. But he shows stress unlike what I'd expect. He slept for a long time.....did not even peep for food for hours! (not like him!)
    Interesting that Sawyer and his 'cousin' Harold were at the vet the same day. We all love Dr. Licata on East River Rd.

  7. Janine, I have takers for 2 of your kittens. EXCELLENT home! They tried emailing you but didn't get a response. Are you willing to share a cell#? Or can someone give me her cell?

    1. I can be reached at work number right now - 922-4209

  8. Janine, one of my favorite phrases, I cannot make a difference for all of them but i can make ALL of the difference for some of them. Remember that. For each cat you have rescued you have made ALL the difference in the world to them! Julie

  9. There are NOT a lot of low-income clinics - there's one, and it's brand new. Lollypop's is out of commission, as it often is. Verona Street's program is suspended or backlogged. You have to be educated and highly motivated to FIND these services, be ONLINE, with a flexible work schedule, good transportation and ability to travel outside your neighborhood, speak English, and have an extra $50-$65 in the budget - AND, only one or two animals, in order to swing a low-income spay/neuter in this county. Needless to say, there are lots of folks who lack one or more of these obstacles to responsibility.