Monday, April 27, 2015

Preaching to the Choir

What a weekend.  Lots of stuff.  First, my friend Diane was able to trap Roofy (now named Ruthie because she is a girl) from 3rd and Central.   She also got a little tabby guy at the same time.  Ruthie was believe to be very pregnant - its so hard to see them in the darkness like I do.  But she may not be as pregnant as I thought, and she may not even be pregnant.  We will know for sure when they are brought in Tuesday to the clinic, two of the four spots I have booked for TNR.  Poor Ruthie was injured, somehow, and I am not sure if its because when she was trapped, there was a lapse in her cage being covered by a blanket.  The blanket is an immediate calm for these caged animals, and if not covered, they can go crazy trying to get out, so she has this wound on her nose, which will be looked at tomorrow.  Diane kept these babies for a new nights until their appointment tomorrow.  She will then keep them a few more days and then we will release them back to their spot, which for the past two days has been unoccupied.  No food has been eaten. 

Diane has a very huge heart.  She was a foster for many many many pregnant moms and kittens, and still is. She started out doing this for Another Chance Pet Rescue, and now does it for Keller's Kats.  She is also 'mum' to the cat she trapped and her kittens from Garson, the ones I was alerted to by the kind woman who saw my story in the newspaper and gave me a call for help.  Diane is just like me, hating to return these cats to the streets after trapping.  I had to convince her this weekend that first of all, Ruthie must go back to the streets because she is not sociable right now.  I would say she is in between feral and semi feral.  I explained that we can't find homes for all these adult cats, and reminded her that she has a lot of adult cats and kittens that are under her care that will be hard to place when ready.  I also mentioned that Ruthie needs to be seen for her nose, and spayed, even if pregnant.  There are far too many kittens right now.  Where will they all go when they are ready after being weaned from their mothers?  I also explained to her that there are several other cats right now that are READY for adoption, but still on the streets because we can't find homes for them.  Its not fair for them if Ruthie is held under her care.  She must go back, and eventually, like so many others, she may learn to trust me, and THAT is how they become adoptable after living on the streets for so long.  Trust.

Now onto the next dilemma - I pulled up to 2nd and Pennsylvania, where I rescued Mr. Fluffypants last, and this very tall and lanky black kitty is there on and off, very friendly.  This morning, he (or she) was there with a very smelly deep wound on his head, and I just had to get him as my third spot for the clinic tomorrow, he must be seen.  He is a love, and is very adoptable.  Please everyone, share this - lets try to find him a home.  He is beautiful, and loving , and sweet.  I hate the thought of putting him back on the street.  I still don't know its sex.  Here he is, caught mid-licks!  :)

Next, Princess has gone to her foster home.  Thanks to Carol and Mike, who adopted Abby and Greta (formerly Candy) from me last year.  She is a true princess, her name suits her.   It was hard to let her go, she was like a little baby, always wanting to be held, and craving attention.

I don't usually post on my days off, so in case you missed it, I posted on Friday also.  

Have a great day!

"A hundred years from now, it will not matter the sort of house I lived in, what my bank account was, or the car I drove.  But the world may be different because I was important in the life of animals and the creatures on this earth."


  1. I met both Ruthie and the male at Diane's twice over the weekend. If anyone is willing to foster them I believe they are both adoptable. No hissing or growling. Poor Ruthie needs to heal she has had it rough. Please consider taking one of them or the countless others Janine has in need of a home!

  2. and you should NEVER worry about what anyone else thinks about your choices....that kitten killer comment really bothered me. If anyone ever dared say that about you I would punch them dead in the mouth. NOBODY has a right to question what you are doing, ESPECIALLY if they aren't out there doing it themselves. I really hope you don't feel that way about yourself. I know you don't want to spay these pregnant cats, but honestly, you don't have much of a choice. Especially without me there taking them all in anynore...I just really hope you know how proud I am of you and all you do...

  3. Janine, I am beside my self, maybe not understanding....did some arse hole say you killed kittens through your TNR work ? If so, don't spose you would give me their details would you ? Loved today's photo and have met your still glamorous mother xoxoxo