Friday, April 17, 2015

Baby Mamas

Thanks for the offer from yesterday's comments!  You can call the Rochester Community Animal Clinic on Bay Street and ask them to credit my account with a credit card payment if you would like!  Thank you to those who have helped me!!

Alexis and her babies

I saw another pregnant kitty this morning on Central and Third.  At least I think I did.  Usually, I am saying hello to "Roofy", who is a black and white kitty that lives in the box on the porch there, and waits for me in the morning.  Again, its dark out, and Roofy keeps - what I thought was a he - his distance.  But this cat looked like it had a big belly, and maybe had some calico in her - from the looks of her coloring.

Sookie on Sixth
Its a shame.  I drive away feeling totally helpless about these animals that are pregnant.  What can I do?  What can I do by myself? We don't have enough clinics to bring these cats to - the problem is mainly the few, two that I know of - Bay Street and Lollipop, you have to have an appointment to get in there, and I know that Bay Street is booking way in advance.  I am lucky I have two spots each week until the end of May.  But thats Tuesday.  Today is Friday.  These cats could be giving birth today, who knows.  And they are giving birth in bushes, under porches, God only knows where.  Its such a helpless feeling.

Then you have a lack of foster people in this city.  With the closing of Another Chance Pet Rescue, a lot of fosters were gone.  My friend Julie, who founded the group, was unjustly accused of impropriety with the funds that were donated to the group, which was proven wrong, but it wound up costing a lot of heartache, and she left the rescue she founded in the hands of her accusers.  That group has since folded, and it has hurt not only a lot of people, but the animals that depended on the rescue.  I used to be able to call Julie, and no matter what, if the cat was pregnant, she would say 'get it and we'll figure something out'.     Now there is no one willing to take in these pregnant, ready to burst cats, to at least hold them until they can be spayed.  Most are feral, or semi.  But then again, those that seem feral, or semi, could just be frightened after being left out on the streets for so long, and you never know their true personality until they learn to trust you, and get comfortable being indoors where its safe and warm.

Webster Ave
Fostering is absolutely the best thing you can help with - it provides the animal more opportunities for socialization, exploration, and expressing a wide range of normal behaviors that are difficult to achieve when the animal remains on the street.  Fostering is a wonderful and personal way to contribute to saving homeless animals. And best of all, its saves lives.

Sorry to leave you with this, but its something to think about - its something that we all need to take responsibility for.  It matters so much to the animals that need our help.

Have a nice day.

"All creatures are deserving of a life free from fear and pain."


  1. Bay Street Clinic - 288-0600

  2. Since Julie had her own rescue, can she help you get 501c status and maybe she still has connections with some old fosters that may be willing to help you out?