Friday, April 10, 2015

Nick and Nora

Well, this morning started out with jitters and dread.  I knew I would be trapping this morning - and as I've said before, I would rather eat nails than trap.  I should have checked last night, but at night I have way too much to do so I put it off until morning, but I discovered that the very good trap I had from last year, that someone purchased for me, was broken.  The arm is not there.  The piece that holds the door up so the cat can go in and step on the trip plate and the door slams behind it.  So I took a look at the crappy one left in the garage, and prayed it would do the trick.  I put some nice tuna on a newspaper sheet, in both traps, and drove off to my destination.   As soon as I arrived, rain came down in buckets.  I sat for a minute, muttering to myself, and then it let up and I jumped out, set the traps, cat called for the kitties, and drove off in prayer.

I went off to do some of the other spots right around there, and when I came back, voila!  One in each trap!  What luck that was!!!  Its the hardest thing for me to do is trap, and feed, at the same time.  I really wish I had help.  But it was easy this morning.  Its not always that easy.  There are times where the cats are not biting, and I have to then move the trap to another location where I haven't already fed, and pray that I get one there.  Remember, I still have to feed at all 14 locations!  On top of going to see if cats are in traps.  You don't want to leave them alone for too long.  You just never know.  So, I had an easy morning, and have another two appointments set for Tuesday.  We'll see.  In the meantime, I have a very young cat, that in my opinion looks pregnant, and a black kitty.  I will be getting pics before I leave for work and then post them.  Poor babies are scared to death!

Here are the pics of the two ferals from this mornings TNR:

Nora?  She looks very young - possibly pregnant


Nora again - she just wouldnt sit still for a picture!

Our little Peepers has certainly done a 360 since I came home last evening from work.  She is now out of her shell and is showing her true colors.  Sweet sweet sweet.  She is a little lovebug.  She just wants to be held and nuzzle your face with hers, while you whisper her name into her ear and gently stroke her back.  The clinic could not take her in for spay as an adoptable today, so we have to wait until Tuesday for an appointment at Lollipop, and then the rescue will take her from there.  My only trepidation here is that she is pregnant and the longer we wait, the worse I feel.   I guess I shouldn't go there...  She is actually a cat I would keep for myself, if I could.  I just want to keep them all!

Does anyone remember Butters?  I rescued Butters from the streets in the summer of 2012 when he was just a young kitten.  I wanted to keep him too!  How can you give up cuteness like this?   Here he is again -

He went from this:

Baby Butters

To this:

Butters/Thurston - TODAY

Butters/Thurston - TODAY
Last but not least, lets not forget Jelly, and Elvis.  They are still in need of loving homes.  Please consider and give them a chance.

I wish you all a GREAT day!

 "Know well the condition of your flocks, and give attention to your herds."
Proverbs 27:23


  1. Congrats. On your trapping ! I with you, dislike, but makes the difference in what we are all,about. Thank,you for this, I know how time consuming and stressful,it is, both you and the kitty's have a rough day

  2. I would hate trapping too. But kudos to you for doing it despite how hard it is for you. I wish we could find fosters for Nick and Nora. Anyone? Anyone? Butters was seriously about THE cutest kitten ever. He was so plump and rounded and cuddly and sweet. I wanted him in the worst way!! :) He is just as cute all grown up. -Kristin

  3. What a handsome boy -- that Butters!
    Mucho thanks for all you do to help the kitties.